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Connection is key to success for the AFS Group

Emily Halloran | August 25, 2021

Matthew Harrison

Australian Frontline Solutions (AFS) Group sees a promising future on the Gold Coast after industry connections led to the business having a thriving 10-year success within the city.

The Sydney-based company, AFS Group, has had avid involvement with many locally held major events and businesses for the past decade since the 2018 Commonwealth Games were announced to be held on the Gold Coast.

AFS Group CEO Matthew Harrison says he sees a supportive future within the city because of the strong focus on tourism, sporting, events and the ability to connect with businesses through industry-led events hosted by the City of Gold Coast’s Sports Attraction and Supply Chain programs.

Through these connections and support of the City over the years, Mr Harrison is now considering relocating the AFS Group Head Office to the Gold Coast.

He said the unique benefits of doing business within the city from a practical and lifestyle point-of-view are “endless”.

“I think we are well and truly established in New South Wales, and Queensland would be a huge market for us. A lot of our business is sporting-based, so we have a reasonably extensive tourism side of the business.

“The fact that South-East Queensland have just won the 2032 Summer Olympics is a huge drawcard for us. There’s a good 10-years of work about to start which we would like to be a part of.”

AFS Group has been providing an extensive range of security, training, tourism, events, and compliances services for more than three decades and has proved to be innovative in the times of COVID and making huge headway.

Their most recent high-profile work was conducting all of the COVID scanning and temperature checks for 30,000 people within 13 days for the annual Sydney Fashion Week.

Through the City’s latest business-to-business (B2B) networking event, AFS Group connected with Gold Coast biotechnology company PainPod. The two forward-thinking businesses are now collaborating on tailor-made training packages.

Later this year, the business with more than 130 staff specialising in safety and security training will be in charge of security and COVID-19 screening for the national Patty Mills National Indigenous Basketball Tournament with NBA Australia on the Gold Coast later this year.

“AFS Group has national contracts with Restaurants and Catering Australia, National Rugby League (NRL), and Queensland Rugby League (QRL),” Mr Harrison said.

“Through the City’s B2B events, we’ve been able to work with RDK Sports Management Solutions, the Patty Mills Foundation, the NRL, QRL, and many other sporting events.”

“We have fairly extensive training businesses within every state, except Tasmania, and with New South Wales and Queensland being our biggest client bases,” Mr Harrison said.

“We are looking to have a greater presence on the Gold Coast. Being set up close to the sporting precinct is very attractive to us. The weather and climate are great too.”

City of Gold Coast’s Sports Attraction and Supply Chain program is a free service for local businesses which supports and grows local sport businesses and major event supply chains through Business to Business networks and incentivising growing and developing Gold Coast-based sport businesses.

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