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Indigenous Artist Glennys Briggs talks DNA

Glennys Briggs

Kobi Facto | November 4, 2020

“You may not see us or see the Indigenous people on the Gold Coast – but we are here and our DNA is embedded in the land here,” says Indigenous artist Glennys Briggs.


Celebrated for her printmaking, painting and sculptural pieces, Gold Coast-based Indigenous artist Glennys Briggs is now set to deliver a monumental piece of artwork as part of Bleach* Festival in November 2020.

Using the building facades of near-derelict buildings on Chevron Island as her canvas, Glennys’ visual installation titled ‘DNA’ is said to acknowledge the stories of our shared history. Her powerful and ambitious work will remain until the buildings of ‘Chez Nous’ at Chevron Island are demolished.

“DNA was a story that originated through an exhibition I had in Brisbane with 10 other Indigenous women artists,” says Glennys.

“DNA is about who I am. About the Indigenous people who are part of this land – who have their DNA embedded in this land.”

When Glennys is not busy putting the finishing touches on her latest masterpiece, she can be found hosting etching press workshops at her very own garage printing studio in the rural Gold Coast suburb of Maudsland.

“I found that there wasn’t any print making facilities here on the Gold Coast and I was so frustrated with travelling to Brisbane all the time to do my print making,” says Glennys.

“So, four years ago now, I saved up a bit of money and blew it on a press!

“I’ve had so much joy out of it. I’ve opened up my garage studio to the rest of the Indigenous community and the wider community to use my printing press facilities and attend workshops.

“I just love the reaction when somebody who has never done it before produces a print and it just blows their mind. They’ve made this beautiful piece that they never thought they would – never had the chance to.

“To work with other creatives, to speak with them about what they’re doing and feed off ideas – I just love it!”