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Nick Nichols | January 12, 2022

Mavella Superfoods is a nutritional powerhouse promoting healthy eating in children through an extensive range of vitamin and mineral-rich products that offer the most concentrated goodness available on the market today.

Company founders Cheryl Stewart and Jaime Turner were inspired by their passion for creating superfoods to meet the nutritional needs of fussy little eaters. Mavella products are manufactured on the Gold Coast using prime Australian fruits and vegetables. They are further enhanced with vitamins, minerals and plant proteins that incorporate ancient super foods like cacao and chia seeds.

Mavella’s powder blends are made using special techniques to protect and preserve the natural colour, aroma, taste, vitamins, enzymes and nutrients found in fruit and vegetables. The powders are free of artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners and preservatives, while also being dairy-free and soy-free.

Established in 2016, Mavella has since extended its range of food products to supplement the nutritional needs of the entire family.

“We were two Aussie mums who were struggling to get two fussy eaters to try anything outside of chicken nuggets and bananas,” says Ms Turner.

“What we found was that almost three out of five children don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables. So, we needed to make a change.

“After consulting with highly experienced naturopaths, we formulated a superfood range for children designed to sneak in extra nutrients through tasty blends that could be easily added to their diet.

“Our products set us apart in both taste and functionality. Many health brands do not focus on taste, but it is so important, especially when kids are involved.”

Just a teaspoon of Mavella powders can be added to fruit juice, milk or water to tempt the fussiest eater. They can even be added to cooking or baking.

“The kids love it, and parents are giving them the nutrients they need without them even knowing,” says Ms Turner.

The growing popularity of Mavella products is evident with the company now exporting its range to the Middle East, Hong Kong, China, USA, Malaysia and Singapore.

Rich history in nutrition

Based on the Gold Coast, Mavella is supported by a rich history of natural food production for a global market. Ms Stewart is co-owner of the award-winning Morlife, Australia’s leading health food supplement manufacturer and supplier.

Mavella Superfoods, a company named after the founders’ children Maverick and Ella, is now filling a gap in the market for superfoods created specifically for children.

“Our products are all developed from a need to help families through innovative, amazing-tasting products that are very easy to use,” says Ms Stewart.

“When we started Mavella, most products available were for adults and it was hard to find anything that tasted great and was convenient. Many foods that are marketed as healthy often have high sugar content, while many snack options for children can also be saturated with highly processed foods that offer little nutritional value.”

Mavella Superfoods uses Australian natives where possible. Many Australian natives are extremely nutritious with higher antioxidant and vitamin levels than standard introduced crops.

The Mavella Superfoods difference

The Mavella Superfoods range is nutritionally innovative by combining the highest phytonutrient dense ingredients with tasty flavour combinations that give its products the highest concentration of goodness currently available in the market. All of the fruits and vegetables are dried at low ambient temperatures to preserve the natural vitamins, enzymes and nutrients, colour and flavour at full potency for years.

“This processing gives our raw materials the most powerful and concentrated goodness per teaspoon on the market,” says Ms Turner. “When Mavella products are reconstituted with water, they are virtually identical to fresh produce with essentially no degradation of colour, flavour, aroma and nutrients.”

Superfoods for kids

Immune Boost helps fortify a child’s immune system and keep away nasty germs. It is packed full of nine super-berries, including strawberries, pomegranates, blueberries, elderberries, cranberries, blackcurrant, raspberries, goji and acai.

Brain Boost helps kids concentrate and focus. It is packed with natural plant products known to contain Omega-3, DHA, chia and many different amino acids with a delicious chocolate taste.

Body Boost is made for growing bodies and is loaded with organic natural plant proteins, vitamins and minerals to build healthy, strong teeth and bones. It is also bursting with the flavour and goodness of real tropical fruits such as pineapple, passionfruit, mango, papaya, carrot and banana.

Veggie Boost contains vegetables that growing kids need, including carrot, pumpkin, sweet potato, tomato, cauliflower, spinach, broccoli and kale. It also has organic pea protein isolate, organic brown rice protein and prebiotic fibres, in addition to mango, chia powder, goji, and the super-greens of parsley, organic spirulina, organic alfalfa and broccoli sprouts.

Gut Boost was designed to help little kids with regular bowel movements and soothing gut goodness ingredients to make happy kids with happy tummies. It contains a fibre blend that includes organic inulin, chia, flaxseed, green banana resistant starch, apple pectin, acacia and psyllium husk, as well as organic pea protein, organic brown rice protein, essential minerals and a probiotic blend.

Kombucha for kids

The latest innovation helping mums get extra nutrition into their children’s diets is the Mavella Kombucha range of powders offered in a tantalising range of Australian native flavours such as rosella, Davidson plum, Kakadu plum and wild lime.

“We love the functionality of kombucha, but most brands may have a guaranteed serve of probiotics that may not reach the gut as they are broken down by stomach acid,” says Ms Stewart.

“We didn’t like the taste of many products on the market, so we created an Australian Superfoods Kombucha that not only helps restore the gut, but also helps with beauty and energy.”

The Mavella Kombucha range has no vinegary taste, making it ideal for children. It is made from a special combination of green and black tea and fermented using the traditional method, creating the fizz where kombucha develops its probiotics. Mavella then freeze-dries the product and converts it into a powder form. Mavella finishes the process by adding microencapsulated probiotics to ensure a premium level of probiotics at a guaranteed quality.

With no refrigeration required, Movella kombucha is available for use anywhere and any time.

The power of blue

Mavella Superfoods has mastered the art of producing naturally sourced high-intensity blue hues for food and beverages.

Bluetiful is a beautifying antioxidant herbal tea which promotes healthy skin by supporting collagen production, hydration and skin protection.

All Things Blue is an antioxidant-packed superfood powder blend with a subtle berry flavour which allows versatility in blending with multiple food applications.

Koala Karma

Koala Karma is a chill-out drink infused with natural ingredients offering calming properties to improve mental clarity.

Lightly carbonated and offering fresh, vibrant flavours, Koala Karma contains herbs such as chamomile, passionflower, valerian and lemon balm, as well as magnesium to relax muscles. This blend is a formulation unique to Koala Karma.

Food quality and safety assured

Quality is first and foremost at Mavella Superfoods with the company’s Gold Coast facility approved by HACCP, Australia’s leading food service organisation.

Mavella is also ISO9001:2015 accredited which is the international standard to provide a practical and workable Quality Management System for improvements and monitoring across the business.

“These systems help us to meet customer expectations and needs by continually monitoring and improving quality with the aim of producing highly nutrient-rich products using safe top quality food ingredients,” says Ms Turner.

“We have a radical and passionate commitment to more deeply understand the wellness needs of our customers so that we can research and formulate new products to meet those needs with superfoods that provide a range of benefits and taste amazing.”

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