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Black Hops brewing up business during Covid-19

Dominica Czaczka | May 26, 2020

When Covid-19 kept beer lovers bunkered down at home, Gold Coast brewery Black Hops put out a call for willing conscripts to join the ranks of the Black Hops Brewing Reserves.

Black Hops Brewery
Black Hops Brewery
Black Hops Brewery

Your challenge if you chose to accept it, was to put iso to good use and challenge yourself to recreate your favourite Black Hops IPA.

Supplying venues with craft beer has all but dried up in the current climate, with remaining Covid-19 restrictions keeping pub taps from pouring for a little while longer. While many breweries have closed their doors and switched to a bottle-shop business model to stay afloat, Black Hops has innovated its offering and challenged its legion of fans to recreate its core range of beers. Novice brewers can purchase a Black Hops Reserves Fresh Wort Kit and brew their favourite craft beer on their home brew equipment, submitting the final product for judging by a group of high ranking officials – the team at Black Hops itself.

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