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Covid-19 slowdown injects new life into iconic Gold Coast resorts

Dominica Czaczka | July 24, 2020

As normally thriving hotels on the Gold Coast sat still in the wake of the pandemic, it was all hands on deck at two well-known Surfers Paradise resorts.

Family-friendly Paradise Resort and upmarket Hilton may be worlds apart normally, but a Covid-19 slowdown saw the two resorts unite over a shared goal to make the most of a difficult situation and come back stronger than ever.

Both owned by prominent hotelier Jerry Schwartz, the accommodation providers chose to reskill and retool their workers to assist with renovations on their respective properties – resolving to keep their large workforce employed before the JobKeeper stimulus was even on the cards. Staff at both properties were given regular work; albeit somewhat different to their normal duties. From front office staff picking up paintbrushes to housekeepers dismantling furniture, everyone banded together to commence long overdue refurbishments, ready to welcome back visitors with open arms.

Paradise Resort’s Sales and Marketing Manager Alicia Szerszyn said the decision to refresh their resort gave staff a sense of purpose and hope for the future.

“Our resort was purchased by new owners on the 29th February and like many other businesses we closed our doors for the first time in 40 years on the 27th March. We had no idea what the new owners would do, but with great leadership from both our owners and General Manager our staff all banded together and took to renovations on our resort.

“We were also able to donate the furniture from our rooms to locals in need, food from our mini-mart to local charities, bottled water to the team at OZHarvest and breakfast packs that would have otherwise expired in the time we were closed to YHES House in Southport, an organisation that offers support to local youth and homeless.

“Our new owner Dr Jerry Schwartz is well known for his charitable efforts and strongly believes in making a real contribution to changing lives, educating people and bettering the community. Upon buying the property, he said that it was important for Paradise Resort to have a renewed vision and we well and truly have,” she said.

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