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Meet the brains behind co-working hub - Hotel Miami

Maggie Gray | August 19, 2021

When Nick Atkins returned home to the Gold Coast after a stint in Los Angeles, he quickly realised the city was lacking a designated space for creatives to collaborate.

Inspired by LA’s bohemian spirit, laidback lifestyle, and collection of quirky co-working spaces, Nick teamed up with wife Jessie Jones, and business partner Darran Franks, to kickstart their own slice of creative paradise in the backstreets of Miami.

“Living in LA definitely exposed me to creative people. It felt like everyone I was surrounded by was on a pursuit of creativity,” says Nick.

“Over the years, I felt like there was a huge opportunity to come back to the Gold Coast – which is actually a far more beautiful place, with way more resources – and create a space just like what my friends had done in LA.

“I’d seen it work in Venice Beach where every little space or warehouse is turned into some kind of cool creative zone.

“I knew that there were creatives here on the Gold Coast, and sure enough, not long after we opened, people were just starting to turn up here.”

In 2018, the retro-themed co-working space and digital creative agency, Hotel Miami, was born.

The hard-to-miss repurposed warehouse offers a fully operational photography and video studio equipped with lighting and microphone setups, speedy Wi-Fi, and temporary and permanent rental desk and office spaces.



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“The fact that Hotel Miami has become a creative hub is definitely something we’re really proud of. So many people just show up here to tell us about their business ideas, and work out new ways to get creative,” says Nick.

“My favourite thing about the Gold Coast, aside from the obvious things like the beaches – is the opportunity this place offers. There’s a real entrepreneurial spirit here.


“Young people should be getting into business here and doing their thing, and following their dreams, because this is the place to do it.”


“The last five years on the Gold Coast have been super transitional. The city’s creative culture is growing. We could end up being, and I hope that we are, the creative hub of the country.

“I think people that think that the Gold Coast has no culture, haven’t been here for a while. They should come back and have a look around, because while they were sleeping, the Gold Coast really grew up.”

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