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Eurovision Australia Decides – Our Local Talent Behind the Scenes

Kate Veling | January 29, 2020

Get ready for elaborate costumes, powerful performances and world-class talent both on stage and behind the scenes! Australia will get its own taste of the world’s biggest singing competition when Eurovision Australia Decides comes to the Gold Coast on February 7th and 8th.

Hosted by Joel Creasey and Myf Warhust, the three-show extravaganza will take place at the Gold Coast and Exhibition Centre and features 10 of the country’s most celebrated musical performers including Casey Donovan, Vanessa Amorosi, Montaigne and Jaguar Jonze. Each musician will perform an original song for the chance to represent Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in the Netherlands.

Famous for bringing artists like ABBA and Celine Dion to worldwide attention, Eurovision is an extravaganza – something of a cross between the Olympics, American (or Australian!) Idol and Carnivale. There are some outrageous performances and it’s a bedazzling, sometimes bewildering, but always entertaining spectacle. Australia has participated in Eurovision five times since our debut in 2015, and our artists have made the top 10 four times.



This will be the second year running that Eurovision Australia Decides has been held on the Gold Coast. The event will be broadcast live on SBS and streamed on social media for international audiences, continuing to build on the Gold Coast’s reputation as a powerhouse of Australia’s film and television industry.

This event is particularly exciting for our emerging local talent in this sector as students and graduates have been invited to participate in the production. For these up-and-comers, gaining hands on experience at such a prestigious event will be an invaluable opportunity.

Film and television students from the University of Southern Queensland will be given jobs in technical and camera positions as well as runners on set, final year students from Huxley School of Make Up will assist make up artists, local dance students will perform on stage with the main acts and graduates from the Australian Institute of Creative Design (AICD) will be working back of house, helping to dress and style performers. In addition, 18 TAFE Screen and Media students from TAFE Queensland have been invited to film behind the scenes at the event.

Abbe Bradbury who runs her own dance studio and entertainment agency on the Gold Coast has assisted in supplying local dancers and talent for the iconic event and says the students who are involved are absolutely thrilled at the prospect. “We’ve been in rehearsal for the past few months preparing for each performance,” says Abbe. “We’re so excited to get into the venue and bring the vision to life on stage.”

Abbe has lived here for 23 years and trained as a young performer here herself. She’s seen huge growth in her industry over recent years. “It’s a really exciting time on on the Gold Coast for the arts,” she continues. “There are some great projects making their way on our shores, providing some incredible opportunities for our local talent. In this year’s show we have 10 professional artists working along side some of the best entertainers our country has to offer. All our talent are local and have all trained on the Gold Coast. They do say we breed some of the most amazing working artists in the country here.”



These young dancers will be getting styled and dressed backstage by students from the Australian Institute of Creative Design who graduated with a Diploma of Fashion last year. Eurovision is renowned for the spectacle and the costumes worn by performers are notoriously far out and fabulous – a fun prospect for back of house stylists.

Jude Kingston taught these students and has also represents them through her creative industries agency. She’s been working in the industry at an international level for 25 years and says the chance to work behind the scenes at a Eurovision event could be the lucky break that kicks off their careers.

“This is big because it’s global, she says. “These students are building up their experience and this is something they haven’t been exposed to at all before. With the amount of exposure they’ll get, it’s such a phenomenal opportunity.”

Like Abbe, Jude has seen exciting developments in her industry as the Gold Coast has increased its cultural clout.

“The change I have seen has been phenomenal,” she says. “I know other cities are growing in population, but as far as this side of things – the fashion, the styling, the opportunities that are coming, my gosh! It’s growing at such a rate. This is the place to be if you want those opportunities.”

Eurovision Australia Decides will not only showcase the best of Australian music but the best of the Gold Coast’s promising potential in the creative entertainment industries too. Watch this space!

(Photos supplied Eurovision – Australia Decides)