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Positioning for growth with the Gold Coast Business Portal

Nick Nichols | May 12, 2022

Gold Coast companies positioning for growth are tapping into an innovative new tool supported by talent-sharing platform BenchOn to boost business revenue and job growth opportunities across the city.

The Gold Coast Business Portal, established by the City of Gold Coast to further strengthen the local business community, connects companies experiencing high demand for specialist talent with those that have talent to spare.

“This is the only platform that matches workforce requirements based on capacity, skillset and availability from within businesses,” says Tim Walmsley, the CEO of BenchOn.

“The portal is proving to be a great asset for businesses that are struggling to find talent to support their surge requirements. Where one business has too much work on and not enough experienced staff to handle it, the system will find businesses with the right skillsets to share on a temporary basis.”

Gold Coast Business Portal is designed to smooth out the peaks and troughs experienced by businesses across a range of industry sectors from human resources, marketing, engineering and transport to real estate and professional services.

“This is a win-win for all concerned by creating greater job stability and benefiting business by increasing revenue opportunities and productivity,” says Mr Walmsley. “The Gold Coast Business Portal through BenchOn is not just a tech platform – it is a supported system. We have an operations team that reaches out to every business that signs up with a welcome call and direct contact to ensure a personalised approach to help maximise their success.”



BenchOn, a Gold Coast-based technology company established five years ago, currently supports thousands of businesses nationally through its innovative platform. The Gold Coast Business Portal is a special initiative in collaboration with the City of Gold Coast to provide a localised service for companies to meet the challenges of the post-pandemic recovery. Gold Coast Business Portal is free to join for companies with either capacity to share or for those looking to fill a skills gap.

Brendan Nielsen, owner of rapidly expanding engineering services group J.C. Engineers, is among the early users to experience the benefits of the Gold Coast Business Portal. After seeing his business double in the past couple of years, and with a strong management team in place, Mr Nielsen was looking for new opportunities outside of his business that could utilise his skills in managing major projects.

“The business had reached a point where to elevate myself I was looking to step away and let my management team look after it,” said Mr Nielsen. “The perfect scenario for me was to take on a six-month contract for three days a week in another role, so I registered with the Gold Coast Business Portal.”

Mr Nielsen secured a temporary contract as project manager with a large national transport infrastructure corporation working on significant programs on the Gold Coast. The infrastructure group benefited from Mr Nielsen’s extensive knowledge in a broad range of engineering services, with J.C. Engineers experienced in public works projects, structural design for solar farms and providing support for major telcos in upgrading their infrastructure.

“From my experience, signing up with the Gold Coast Business Portal was a simple process and it’s a great avenue for businesses to share people with skills that aren’t being utilised,” says Mr Nielsen. “The portal is simple to access and the work I have done has built a new relationship for my business with a much larger organisation.”



Concentrix, a global customer-experience services and technologies company which recently expanded to the Gold Coast, is among a number of major corporations that have signed up to the Gold Coast Business Portal. The company, which works with some of the world’s leading brands to enhance their business performance, plans to grow its Gold Coast operation with the employment of up to 200 experienced advisers and operational staff in 2022.

“As part of this we are looking to engage with local businesses through the Gold Coast Business Portal,” says Naveen Zachariah, the Concentrix director of Talent Acquisition in Australia and New Zealand.

“We like the idea of business-resource sharing and looking at the opportunity to connect with businesses through the portal that would be able to connect us with the skillsets that we are looking for in the local area.

“For individuals looking at applying for jobs, they can do that directly on our careers’ website. For businesses that are looking to engage with us, I’d encourage them to sign up on the Gold Coast Business Portal and that way we can access talent.”

Mr Walmsley says the Gold Coast Business Portal has been designed for ease of registration and use.

“It takes about five minutes to register your company profile. You can set yourself up to be linked to contract opportunities at other companies simply by sharing what you specialise in and what your skillsets are. At the same time, you can put in a support request at no cost. Simply detail what kind of service you require with a job description, skillsets, contract dates and the rates being paid.

“The system matches these parameters to businesses with the right skills needed, with protections in place so that you are not matched with competitors. When a match occurs, businesses can choose to participate if available or not if they are busy.”

For more information or to register with Gold Coast Business Portal.

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