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Four reasons why the Gold Coast is a haven for Brits

Freya Bidwell | February 7, 2019

Great Britain – my motherland, my heart, my soul.

The place where the weather is arctic and the beers are served well above room temperature.

Where the average person says the word ‘sorry’ approximately three hundred times a day and people like Adele and Harry Potter are as much a national treasure as the crown jewels are.

Union jacks fly, Football is our religion and time stops to watch a good old fashioned Royal knees-up.

Although, scraping ice off the windscreen on a dark Monday morning and listening to Brexit commentary on repeat is not ideal.

Needless to realise why so many of us Brits cash in our pounds for Aussie dollars, pack the marmite, tea bags and Yorkshire pudding mix (don’t ask) on the promise of a new life Down Under.

At the last count, the Gold Coast was home to approximately 29,792 Britons – and it’s not hard to see why.

So keep calm and put the kettle on – we’ve rounded up the top four tried and tested reasons why the Gold Coast is the ideal place for us brits to defrost.


Stand up paddle boarding at Currumbin Alley


Outdoor lifestyle

Of all the 365 days of the year, one might estimate that the United Kingdom is blessed with around four warm weather days out of the lot – and my goodness, don’t you know it.

Scores of office workers pile out onto the streets to inhabit small patches of grass and pub patios. But what if I told you there was a place you could enjoy that lifestyle all year round?

The Gold Coast is home to more than 57 kilometres of unspoilt coastline, countless walking trails and access to dense rainforest that will make you feel a world away.

Picnics on Burleigh Hill, dips in the ocean at Kurrawa Beach and meeting up with friends for breakfast is a norm rather than a holiday experience.

But there is so much more than sand, surf and blue skies. This beachside city is a dynamic downtown of opportunity for those that choose to live, work and play here.


Our medical facilities are world class

You wouldn’t expect what was once a sleepy holiday town to be in the midst of global research – but that’s exactly what’s happening.

The 200 hectare area incorporates Griffith University, Gold Coast University Hospital, and the Gold Coast Private Hospital along with associated research and allied health facilities.

With the likes of the Institute for Glycomics and second-stage human clinical trials for a malaria vaccination, the coast is driving medical breakthroughs by the beach.


Griffith University Students



There’s a reason the Gold Coast has been voted the best student city by the beach year after year.

Student experience on the Gold Coast couldn’t be more different to life in the UK – because the city itself is evolving rapidly.

This coming of age city is home to three world class universities, endless language centres and some of Australia’s leading public and private schools.

Located on the edge of the Asia-Pacific rim, with access to two international airports, the Gold Coast is perfectly positioned as a destination for study and vocational training, research, careers and employment.

Not to mention the fact that plenty of the city’s universities have partnerships with sister faculties in the UK.


Bond University


Getting out and about

Shows like Home and Away might lead you to think we’re all into surfing, hanging out at café’s and getting involved in all sorts of dramatic situations.

That might be half true (having lived here ten years I have no idea how to hold a surfboard let alone mount one), but the reality is there is so much more to this place than good waves.

Our nightlife and foodie scene is second to none with endless rooftop bars, trendy food trucks around every corner and restaurants so close to the ocean you could almost catch your dinner yourself.

Best of all, getting out and about on the Gold Coast can be as affordable or as expensive as you decide.

Locals love nothing more than grabbing their friends, a picnic blanket and a wood – fired pizza to share while watching the sun go down after work.

Others enjoy dining at one of the many chef-hatted fine-dining haunts (the Australian equivalent to a Michelin star).

Getting around is easy too – with trams, buses and trains that connect from north to south on a regular basis, tube strikes feel like a thing of the past.


Gold Coasters enjoy good food, wine and company