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Local chart-topping country act releases new single, Giddy Up: Hinterland.

Alex Mitcheson | August 19, 2021

Hinterland is the Gold Coast’s newest Country music band, and although they’ve not hit their second birthday yet, the trio has garnered great success recently toppling the likes of Keith Urban, Billie Eilish, and Taylor Swift on their way to the top of the charts.

“Hinterland has so many influences and certainly an eclectic style going on. I don’t think we sound like anyone else out there at the moment,” muses frontwoman Jesse Emmanuel.

Jesse and siblings Rachel & Robbie Bostock have played music together for the best part of 15 fifteen years; individually, they are well-respected musicians across Australia’s country music scene. In the last decade, you may have come across The Bostocks or the foot-stomping sounds of The Daisy Dukes, their previous alias, with fist-pumping cover song performances right across the city. However, towards the end of 2019, having just formed Hinterland, they set about releasing their own music for 2020.

“When the pandemic hit all our full-time gigs and events disappeared, suddenly we had all this free time. We had a lot of material written and recorded for Hinterland, so the feeling was to get those songs out there in the world — people were experiencing difficulties and needed entertainment,” says Jesse.

Not wanting to waste time, the band set about releasing their first single In the Hinterland in May of 2020, showcasing their unique song for the very first time and reaching #8 on the Australian country airplay charts.

“I feel our sound is a mixture of Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, Zac Brown Band, Shania Twain and even ACDC — we’ve got a few different flavours going on.

“We have country roots, but we love our rock n roll and Celtic music and peppering that through our music,” says Jesse.

Two more singles followed in quick succession, and their debut EP Loud, rounding out a blisteringly successful year for the band.

But it was one night in March this year when things would change forever for the Gold Coast based country act.

“I woke up that morning, and my phone was going crazy. Everything: our YouTube channel, Instagram, and Facebook all had hundreds of notifications.” Recalls Jesse.


Hinterland Band

Hinterland Band

Album cover

Hinterland Band


Unbeknown to them, a fan called in to Triple M’s national overnight program ‘The Night Shift’ with Luke Bona and requested their single, ‘Loud’. Luke played the track on air across the network’s fifty plus stations, but what transpired afterwards caught everybody by surprise.

By plugging the EP across speakers around Australia, Loud was beating the likes of Keith Urban at #1 on the iTunes Country Chart by lunchtime the following day. And just one day later, the band overtook Billie Eilish and Taylor Swift to sit at #1 on the mainstream iTunes album chart.

“The song was originally released in November 2019, and we thought it had run its course. So, it was absolutely amazing to see this response and reach people who had never heard of us until then,” laughs Jesse.

In between lockdowns, Hinterland has been able to play a select number of shows, but it’s with great anticipation they look forward to headlining on home turf at this year’s rescheduled November Groundwater Country music festival held in Broadbeach.

“The live music scene is so alive and thriving here on the Gold Coast. We have so many new and exciting venues we didn’t have, say, five years ago! And all these spaces are hugely supportive of musicians regardless of their sound or popularity. We cannot wait to get on the stage at Broadbeach for the Groundwater Festival. Our city is such a great backdrop to live music — we’re quite spoilt in a way,” says Jesse.

Spectators can be assured a rousing rendition of their new single Giddy Up, which was just released last Friday, 13th August. But what does this fun and colourfully titled song have in store for the fans?

“Giddy Up is a classic song whereby you’re giving a cheating partner a clear message to get lost — or in this case, giddy up! We’ve injected a lot of 80s and 90s influences into this one; we wanted to make it cheeky — with a hint of nostalgia — the type of song you can put on repeat and let play a few times,” smiles Jesse.

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