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Hollow Coves’ Moments clip highlights gorgeous Gold Coast

Helen Stubbs | July 2, 2020

The Hollow Coves new song Moments connects listeners to the soul of Gold Coast nature

With bare feet in the creek and on the sand, and the sound of the forest and rolling ocean behind their music, their YouTube clip received around 200,000 plays in June.

Hollow Coves musicians Ryan Henderson and Matt Carins spoke to We Are Gold Coast about the locations they chose to record the film clip.

“We live in such a beautiful part of the world on the Gold Coast. We wanted to showcase some of the locations nearby, along with some of the places where we spend our time,” says Henderson.

Varying nature sounds—the whispers of the forest and sea—are integrated seamlessly into Moments by their sound engineer Mikhael Papasavas. Crickets, the creek’s trickle and the hush of the ocean accompany Carins and Henderson’s captivating acoustic melodies and gentle voice-work to touching effect.

“There are so many beautiful locations on the Gold Coast,” says Henderson. “We just tried to stick to places that looked visually different from one another. Beaches, valleys, creeks, waterfalls, hinterland … we’ve seen a lot of beautiful places on our travels but we love our home here.”

Moments takes the viewer on a multisensory tour through Currumbin, Burleigh and Palm Beach. We Are GC has taken a deeper look at these locations to highlight experiences you might enjoy.


The Moments film clip begins with Henderson and Carins playing their guitars, standing in the shallow waters of Currumbin Creek. The creek runs through the heart of Currumbin Valley, starting in the Springbrook National Park.

Visitors to the valley can explore Currumbin Rock pools, Cougal Mountain, Cougal Cascades, and the Eco Village near which the forest scene of Moments was filmed.

The Valley offers a chilled-out vibe, with country shops and stalls offering local produce.

Currumbin Creek deepens, widens, and turns blue as it meets the sea, flowing out into the Pacific Ocean.

A creatively vibrant area, Currumbin’s cultural fabric has been enriched by hotspots like Dust Temple. If you’d like a coffee or breakfast by the river, discover The Boatshed café and Saltwater.

Continuing down the river and along the beach you’ll find more cafés, the Surf Club and Elephant Rock, along with the Swell Sculpture Festival from 11th to 20th September 2020.

Currumbin Sanctuary and Wildlife Hospital are also nearby, havens to a range of native wildlife.

“Nature is definitely inspiring to us,” says Henderson. “It has influenced our music, seeing and appreciating the beauty in nature. I think it’s something that is quite universal. Anyone, regardless of their background, can see a beautiful sunset, or something beautiful in nature, and can’t help but be in awe.”




The Hollow Coves also filmed in Burleigh National Park. Burleigh Headland is a popular walk offering gorgeous views of Tallebudgera Creek, beaches and the ocean extending far down the coasts and out to sea where the whales are now breaching.

The walking routes range from easy to more challenging if explorers want to enjoy the lookouts at the top. It’s a popular trail for walkers and joggers seeking some inclines to enhance their fitness.

The Headland is an important site for the Yugambeh people and home to the Jellurgal Aboriginal Cultural Centre, which welcomes visitors eager to learn about local history and shop for locally made artwork.

The Custard Canteen offers delicious treats across the river, then you can work them off at the Tallebudgera Leisure Centre, with a pool, basketball courts, rock climbing and more.


The long white sands of Palm Beach lie between Tallebudgera Creek and Currumbin Creek, offering a sandy paradise in which to run, swim, surf, play and stay.

On the Currumbin end are Pirate Treasure Island—free fun for kids—and Currumbin Alley, a popular surfing spot.

Carins is a keen surfer, originally from Brisbane, and in his school days would travel down on weekends or even before school for a surf. He’s been living on the Gold Coast for eight years now.

“We have a great community of friends here and there are so many great cafés,” says Henderson. “We love it here. That’s why we weren’t able to choose just one location for this video. There were just too many options.”


One of the many beautiful areas of Currumbin Creek
The long white sands of Palm Beach
the forests close to the Eco-Village