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Dean Gould: Narrating the Gold Coast story

Dominica Czaczka | April 30, 2021

Now a vibrant city home to more than 600,000, Chair of Music Advisory Group and Chief Marketing Officer at Southern Cross University Dean Gould says the Gold Coast’s offering has dramatically changed in the last 20 years.

“Probably the most significant thing that has happened on the Gold Coast in the last 10 years is the surge of creative arts. Without creativity you can only do what you did yesterday. It’s such an important part of a city reimagining itself,” muses Gould.



“You can see there is this organic and very real artistic drive in the city. We’re not importing it; it’s happening right here on the Gold Coast. I know the artists, I know the musicians and I know the theatre workers.

“They’re the people who are seeing the opportunities in the last decade that didn’t exist in this city before the current leadership of the city decided to make it so,” said Gould.

It’s not just the Gold Coast’s cultural scene undergoing a revolution.

“The underlying economy is much more diverse than it was 10 years ago,” explains Gould.

“I think tourism will always be part of our DNA, but you can see complementing that we’ve got education and health really emerging as two major pillars.”

“A lot of that has happened in the last 10 years and its gathering momentum now.

“Anyone who has a perception of the Gold Coast as a one dimensional place – whether that’s as a tourist destination, whether it be a surf destination, whether it be a nightclubs and party destination; I mean we’ve got all that. We’ve absolutely got all that. We’ve got so much more as well,” he said.

Gould maintains locals play a vital role in shifting outdated perceptions of the Gold Coast and encourages residents to play their part.

“I think the most important thing Gold Coasters can do is just to tell a story.

“Tell the quality of life we’ve got here, the quality of schools we send our children to, the quality of universities they graduate from, the quality of jobs we’re all enjoying right now, the amazing art we see, the incredible music that is coming out of this city; it’s almost like a wave coming out of the city, the music scene.

“And we can do all that, living in a place where theme parks are our life, a place where the beach is something we do every day.

“It’s the best place in the world and there’s no way that anyone from Melbourne, Sydney, New York or Beijing wouldn’t love coming here. I think we just have to tell that story to people,” said Gould.