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Building a leadership role on the Gold Coast: Matthew Schneider

Dominica Czaczka | September 4, 2020

Urbis Director Matt Schneider admits he didn’t see himself forging a leadership role within the Gold Coast.

“I never had any expectation I would find myself in a leadership role within the property industry, least of all the Gold Coast. I still feel like the whipper snapper, the up and comer in it and in many respects I still am,” muses Schneider.

“The Gold Coast motivates me. I never expected to get passionate about the city but I accidentally fell in love with it when I moved here.

“If you have the job you want to have here, why would you live anywhere else?”

It was sliding doors moment that solidified Schneider’s leadership path and his subsequent affinity with the city when he first arrived in the Gold Coast.

“It felt like a small moment in the time but I never forgot it,” recalls Schneider.

“When I was asked to come to the Gold Coast to take over the office of a previous firm, there were two directors there already and one of them was starting to transition out but was still working in the business. Each of those directors had their own office and the rest of the team worked out in the balance of the office.

“The day I turned up I was expecting to work out there with the rest of the team until the old director had finished up. The fellow who was moving on ceremoniously took his name off the door and said ‘that’s your office now’.

That demonstration of faith, that ceremonial handing over, was a small thing for him to do but it meant a lot to me. It really legitimised my own confidence.”

Schneider counts the Gold Coast’s supportive business community as an important facet of his career trajectory.

“The collegiality and the unity of purpose and the support structure the business community together with the elected representatives in this city all offer as a united group has been an immense source of support, inspiration and example to me,” said Schneider.