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Leading the world from the coast

Marshall Hall | April 23, 2021

Megan Connors from Study Gold Coast presents Austin Lewinsmith and Nathan Burns with a Gold Coast Business Excellence Award

A Gold Coast company is on its way to creating the global gold standard for education in the innovative world of blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology, which most people relate to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, is a data structure that manages records while ensuring security, transparency, and decentralization.

Surfers Paradise-based businessmen Austin Lewinsmith and Nathan Burns believe blockchain technology will soon be a part of everyday lives for nearly everybody around the world.

“I believe that blockchain technology will underpin the development of the Web 3.0 revolution because it provides highly effective, efficient and secure ways of managing data,’’ says Austin.



The former marketing duo initially wanted to undertake several blockchain related projects but quickly discovered that the level of recognised and accredited training in relation to the emerging technology throughout the world was sadly lacking.

“We looked around and there were a few places on the internet that provide bits and pieces of training, but these courses were not comprehensive or officially recognised,’’ says Austin.

“We recognised the need to create accredited educational courses for people who want to learn about and use blockchain.”

So, the pair set up Blockchain Collective, which has now emerged as an award-winning Gold Coast company, having won a 2020 Gold Coast Business Excellence Award.

The young business has gained accreditation for two courses from the Australian Skills Quality Authority, which is the national regulator for vocational education and training.

Nathan says their Advanced Diploma and Diploma courses are now being taught by several educational institutions through online learning portals. And more educational institutions are joining the rush to add the courses to their offerings.

Austin Lewinsmith
Blockchain Collective Christmas Party
Nathan Burns

Now the Surfers Paradise-based team are waiting for approval for a third course and are already planning on extending its reach into international markets.

The first international market the company is targeting is the European Union and the company is very hopeful its courses will soon be taught in schools throughout Sweden.

Nathan says the demand for knowledge and education about blockchain technology is growing exponentially around the world and their company Blockchain Collective is now at the forefront of the industry.