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Lincoln Lewis 'froths hard’ for the Gold Coast

Lincoln Lewis is the face of this year’s Gold Coast Film Festival

Charntel Cleveland | April 20, 2022

Lincoln Lewis is the face of this year’s Gold Coast Film Festival. Picture: Adam Head

Despite being a TV and movie star, and the son of a rugby league legend, Lincoln Lewis is just a down-to-earth dude who loves living on the Gold Coast.

We recently caught up with the newly announced Gold Coast Film Festival ambassador to find out what he loves most about living here, what’s in store at this year’s festival and what’s next for Lincoln Lewis.

How long have you lived on the Gold Coast?

Just under two years. I’ve wanted to make the move here for a few years now, but I was recently filming on the Gold Coast and just thought it was time to pull my finger out.

I grew up here as a kid though. My brother Mitch and I went to Emmanual College for the first few years and played for the Burleigh Bears. We moved to Brisbane when I was eight.

I love how the Gold Coast has really changed with the times. This place has seen some really positive changes in recent years.

What made you choose the Gold Coast as your home base?

I’m a water baby. When I lived in Sydney while I was working on Home and Away, I lived near the beach and have always loved living near a body of water. Even if I don’t live right next to it, I’ll make the drive to be there.

I moved during COVID—probably around the same time everyone else decided to make the move here!

It was a no-brainer to come back to the Gold Coast and it’s not hard to see why everyone wants to live here. We have everything you need for a great quality of life.

What do you love most about living here?

It’s just the best. I froth so hard for this place! I don’t want to sound cheesy, but it’s hard to pick just one thing. There’s something special about the energy here and it’s something you can’t really describe; you can only feel it.

I love that you can have the most chilled, relaxed day or have a massive one going surfing, walking or visiting theme parks. There’s something here for everyone to fall in love with.

The food scene here is also epic. The Gold Coast has also really turned it on when it comes to cafes and restaurants. Now we rival Melbourne in a lot of respects.
I really love Currumbin though; it’s the best place to chill.

What are your top five things to do on the Gold Coast?

1 – See the sunrise on the beach. The first thing I do every morning is head to the beach to see the sunrise. It’s a joke how good it is and really makes your whole day. I like to mix it up too and go to different beaches. We have so many to choose from on the Gold Coast, so why not go to a different one each day? No matter where you are on the Gold Coast, the beach is always just a short drive away.

2 – Head to Burleigh Hill. It’s a must-see destination and is always beautiful at sunrise or sunset.

3 – Go for a good hinterland walk. Springbrook has some amazing tracks and the Twin Falls circuit is one of my faves. It’s not too hard of a walk and the scenery is just stunning.

4 – See the sunset at Snapper Rocks. If you look out to the sky from Rainbow Bay Surf Life Saving club at dusk, you’ll get to see an insane orange glow. As a side note, all the surf clubs on the Gold Coast are incredible and have really outdone themselves. Enjoying a drink or feed at a local surf club with those ocean views, you can’t beat it.

5 – Eat out at Rick Shores at Burleigh. Their bug rolls are a gamechanger!


What can we look forward to at the Gold Coast Film Festival this year?

There’s so much to look forward to! We get to celebrate the Gold Coast not only as a tourism hot spot, but as a growing TV and movie production hub.

There’ll be several red-carpet premieres, kids and family screenings, short films, nostalgic movies, comedies, a Women In Film Lunch—honestly, there’s something for everyone to look forward to.

Every Thursday during the festival, Pacific Fair will host free kids and family movies, and we’ll also have 20th anniversary screenings of Blue Crush, Scooby-Doo and Van Wilder Party Liaison.

Blue Crush will be screened outdoors on the beach overlooking Kirra and is free for all to attend. Van Wilder will be showing at the Burleigh Brewing Co., which is such a classic spot for it—you’ll be on the tins for that one!

People might think the Gold Coast Film Festival is just for the arts community or a specific demographic, but it really is for everyone. It’s an all-inclusive festival for every film genre and demographic. And I’m stoked I get to be part of it.


What other film industry projects have you been involved with on the Gold Coast?

I’ve been really fortunate to work on a bunch of projects here over the years. I had my first job on the Gold Coast working as an extra on a show called The Sleepover Club and later on H20: Just Add Water. Working as a teen on those shows was so great!

In recent years, I’ve worked on movies Bait 3D, which was filmed at Village Roadshow Studios; Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan, which was filmed in the hinterland; and The Possessed, which was filmed at studios at Helensvale.

I also play a role in the movie Black Site, which was filmed on the Gold Coast during the pandemic and is due to be released early May, and in Darby and Joan—a TV miniseries starring Bryan Brown and Greta Scacchi.


What makes the Gold Coast a great place for filming and production?

The Gold Coast is a rapidly growing industry juggernaut. We’ve got everything here. We’ve got such diverse landscapes and working studios that can accommodate anything from small local shows to huge international blockbusters. Also, the local talent here is incredible. We have such amazing actors and production crews here who are so talented—I can’t talk highly enough of them.

COVID brought so many productions to the Gold Coast and I think people are just starting to realise just how good it is here. The filming of Elvis on the Gold Coast became a big talking point in the industry, and there has been a constant string of productions here ever since. Even Baz Luhrmann thinks the Gold Coast could be the next Hollywood.


What’s next for Lincoln Lewis?

I just can’t wait to be back on set. I’m addicted to that feeling! Every time I’m on a set, I pinch myself.

Every actor knows what it’s like not to work and a lot of the time you don’t hear anything back after an audition, even if you’ve just put in the best performance of your life. So, when you finally do get a role, it makes it all worth it and that much sweeter.

I’ve got a few projects on this year, so it will be fun seeing them all completed.

For now, I’m just looking forward to the next set I’m lucky enough to be on.


The Gold Coast Film Festival runs from 20 April to 1 May 2022 at various locations across the city. Visit for more information.

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