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Medical health-tech providing specialised patient care

Nick Nichols | January 12, 2022

Amtan Group is a dynamic health-tech company based on the Gold Coast with eight medical clinics that utilise the latest advances in medical science to provide specialised care for patients.

Founded by husband-and-wife team Dr Ameer Hamza and Dr Tanya Unni with a single clinic in the beachside suburb of Main Beach, Amtan Group has grown to comprise a portfolio of companies and initiatives that deliver a unique suite of services and products that align with the principals of superior patient care, wellness and beauty.

The entrepreneurial couple, who have capitalised on the many business opportunities to be found on the Gold Coast after migrating to Australia from the UK in 2010, are now looking to replicate their success on the international stage with plans to expand into India and the United Arab Emirates.

“Amtan started as a single medical centre, because that’s what we knew well and that’s where we excel,” says Dr Unni.

“Gradually we expanded into other areas of health including beauty clinics and health and wellness products. We take a holistic and innovative approach to healthcare solutions by adopting cutting-edge technology to enhance the care of patients and assist them in achieving better personal health outcomes.”

The Amtan Group of companies comprises Amtan Medical Centres, SkinLab & Beauty clinics and the Australian Skin Life health and beauty range of cosmeceutical products. Dr Unni, a renowned skin expert, has developed the products and ancillary services to help patients facing a range of skin conditions.

Technology is a major focus for the Amtan Group – a pathway to better healthcare practices and preventative health solutions.

“The future of general practice medicine has moved beyond simply issuing prescriptions and testing blood pressure,” says Dr Unni. “It is about taking control of a patient’s health before any prevailing condition becomes serious.”

Amtan Medical Centres

Amtan Medical Centres provide a full suite of services from general medicine and health assessments to targeted health care for women and men.

Healthcare for men is among the key areas of growth for Amtan, driven by Dr Hamza’s personal mission to encourage more men to seek help when needed.

“Ameer has an intense passion for men’s health and is continually reaching out to workplaces to educate men directly in order to bring about meaningful change,” says Dr Unni.

“Unlike women, health is not a top priority for men, but we want to see more of them take control of their health before it’s too late.”

Adapting to the rapidly changing needs of patients, Amtan Group is making its services even more accessible through a leading technology that enhances remote consultations between patients and clinical staff. Using the group’s own telehealth app, Synapz, which was developed specifically for the Amtan team, the technology has proven invaluable in servicing patients during Covid restrictions.

The app provides clinic doctors ready access to patient information, including their consultation and medical history, while also efficiently managing patient appointments, prescriptions and medical certificates.

“We take a lot of pride in our telehealth capabilities,” says Dr Unni. “This technology is among the many advances that will assist us in expanding our services to a global market.”

Amtan Medical Clinics is currently trialing a heart-scanning device that is set to revolutionise the early detection of heart failure. It is the only Australian general practice invited to join the trial in 2020 in conjunction with those being undertaken in hospitals.

The handheld ultrasound scanning device, known as Butterfly iQ, can be used by general practitioners to scan a patient’s heart and see a picture of it on their smart phone. The equipment provides instant views of the heart working.

“This is among the many new technologies we are looking to introduce in our clinics, placing us at the forefront of modern medical care,” says Dr Unni.

SkinLab & Beauty

Medical-grade beauty treatments are the specialty of Amtan Group’s SkinLab & Beauty clinics. Supported by a team of nurses and therapists specialising in dermal therapy and skin care, SkinLab & Beauty utilises expertise in medical science and advanced beauty techniques to deliver radiant skin.

Services include pampering therapies such as facial treatments, IPL hair removal, skin rejuvenation, and the advanced skin treatments of collagen induction therapy and platelet rich plasma, plus anti-ageing injectables and dermal fillers that are designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

The skincare programs utilise patented products and are tailored to suit each patient’s skin type and skin condition to ensure the most effective results.

Australian Skin Life

After pioneering a new era of medical service, Dr Unni’s desire to improve personal health and wellbeing is being furthered through a range of cosmeceutical skin and scalp products that utilise innovative ingredients. These are inspired by sacred Ayurvedic rituals which are rooted in beliefs that mind, body and soul are connected.

Australian Skin Life has an extensive product range, under the Dr Tanya label, which is formulated with peak potency and nourishing ingredients. The cosmeceutical products, with active ingredients that offer medical-grade results, deliver the ‘Dr Tanya Difference’ by bringing together Indian therapies and western technology. All of the products have been developed under strict Australian health standards.

The latest release in the range is Tulsi, or Sacred Basil, offering a new generation of Ayurvedic medicine and its adaptogenic properties. This celebrated elixir empowers from within to transform the most tired, stressed-out skins. Holy Basil, which comes in a night cream, face serum and in a range of haircare products, has the power to settle inflammation and help strengthen the body’s natural ability to resist stress.

The Dr Tanya Eye Lift Tightening Serum is a scientifically supercharged eye cream that targets wrinkle depth and lacklustre skin with SNAP-8™ peptide technology, retinyl palmitate and multiple skin brighteners to reveal a smoother, firmer eye area.

Hero formulations within the Dr Tanya range champion nature’s favourite skin-loving ingredients such as sugar cane, jojoba, red clay and jacaranda – working together with potent A-grade actives that deliver visible results.

Amtan Group reaching a global market

Amtan Group is primed for growth with plans to expand into the United Arab Emirates by securing a local partner to drive the business forward.

“We are currently working with a local partner in India and have plans to expand there, and we are now looking forward to doing the same in Dubai,” says Dr Unni.

“Dubai is a city that we believe is the right fit for our business. There is a deep connection between Dubai and the Gold Coast and we have found the Emiratis understand our city and all it has to offer.

“Our plan now is to extend our reach and provide the same quality of healthcare in the UAE that we have on the Gold Coast over the past decade.”

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