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Artist-run collaborative studio and gallery Mint Art House gets a makeover

July 20, 2021

Mint Art House

Welcoming art lovers, creatives and the Gold Coast community through their new doors on Saturday July 24, Mint Art House latest location in Burleigh Heads is the next venture for the growing team.


Mint Art House is pretty much the lock stock and barrel for creatives on the Gold Coast, the whole shebang, a family made up of all kinds of mad hatters with a ton of serious talent.

From painters, muralists, sculptors and ceramicists, to photographers and illustrators, the Mintie crew is the real deal, and now, they have a new studio and gallery to call home.

The Burleigh Heads transformed warehouse is something special and will be home to the current family of sixteen that make up Mint Art House, and later hoping to be a spot that facilitates cross-residencies from other studios from all over Australia.

Among the sixteen is self-taught artist and one of the co-founders of Mint Art House, Natalie Popovski AKA Nat Pop, who says she can’t wait to expand her Minty fam.


Mint Art House


“New galleries are always exciting, it’s awesome to be producing an original place for everyone’s different crafts and balancing a work space with an elegant display that will be a surrounding inspiration,” says Natalie.

Once a blank canvas, now a true masterpiece with a whole lot of colour and personality, Mint Art House’s new studio is perfectly divided up between a communal gallery space and individual work studios for those in residence.

It is the community feel that is at the core of their new space with resident artist and photographer Ella Fitzgerald saying it is the best of both worlds, being able to hang out all together over a coffee or beer, but also having the opportunity to separate into one’s own setting whenever the mood strikes.

“In a career that can often be isolating, Mint Art House has become a second home for most of the artists here. The residents of Mint Art House believe community is key, and opening its doors to the public has provided a safe space for people to experiment, discover and revel in the magic of art,” says Ella.

The industrial blank walls that once stood naked are now adorned with the latest and greatest from the Minty bunch; this metamorphosis is evidence of their ingenuity and dope teamwork.

With many exhibitions and workshops already underway or in the works, Artist OWLET aka Cara Sanders says this is only the beginning for Mint.


Mint Art House


“I have a solo exhibition at Mint titled ‘The Untamed’ opening on Friday, 31 July, Larmor has his solo exhibition on Saturday, 17 July, Camille Manley has her exhibition ‘Pieces’ opening on Friday, 20 August, and Thea Skelsey’s ‘Mammalian’ is happening Friday, 3 September… Not to mention all of the artist-run workshops coming up in August, and the many more exhibitions to come.

It truly is such an exciting time, not only Mint artists but the Gold Coast’s creative community – big, big things are happening!” says Cara.

One of the main concepts of this open gallery is to create a space for their new residency program – for artists from all backgrounds, from beginners to the next Picassos of the art scene.

It doesn’t matter who you are or your level of experience, this place is simply for everyone, and as always it is undoubtedly Minty – friendly, fun and fresh.

Mint Art House is hosting its Gallery Launch & Group Exhibition on Saturday 24th July at 5pm – 10pm. Located in Shed 5 at 87 West Burleigh Road, the evening will offer guests the opportunity to meet, mingle and experience all things Mint, while enjoying a drink and Tacos from local legends Costa Taco.

All of the artwork on display will be available for purchase throughout the evening and on-going from Mint Art House’s new gallery space. As an art collective, everything Mint Art House does is voluntary and all Mint events support the community and their resident artists.

Tickets are free or by donation, and can be booked online or at the door.

Book tickets here.

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