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A morning in Burleigh Heads

Jade McGarry | January 11, 2020

Burleigh Heads, the seaside town is an absolute gem of the Gold Coast, a pristine, funky community that shares its passion for ocean life, good food, coffee and art, all accessible in the sparkly early hours of the morning.

A morning in Burleigh Heads is not wholly fulfilled without a dignified appreciation of the beginning of a new day, nature’s most spectacular show, the sunrise.

Summer gives us a free ticket to the show, with warmth, that doesn’t frighten those who fear early mornings, and a spectacular beauty that will certainly make it all worth it.

So, where is the best spot to watch natures 5am show?

We say, half-way across the Burleigh Heads National Park headland walk.

Beginning at the base of the mountain, at Tallebudgera Creek, this beautiful walk curves around the incredible Burleigh Headland.

Half-way along this track, high above the sea, you have an exceptional view of the ocean that is perfect for that moment of solitude you can share with the sun.

And what is better deserved after a crack of dawn wake-up then a steamy cup of the Gold Coast’s most delicious coffee? We say nothing!

As you make your way down the rest of the Burleigh Heads National Park nature walk; you begin to emerge again into the real world, away from the natural beauty of the ocean and forest surrounding the seaside town.

The morning is kicking off in the CBD of Burleigh Heads, with locals grabbing their breakfast, walking their dogs and doing yoga and meditation in the beachfront parks.


Yoga on Burleigh Hill


We have got the best spot to try out on your ‘quest’ for caffeine, our local coffee legend and specialty roast connoisseur Quest Coffee Roasters.

Situated in the iconic James Street, this coffee joint has such an extensive choice of blends and brews, it will leave your head spinning, but, with the generous, hospitable help from the baristas, you will certainly be guided to choose your perfect cup of joe.

With that caffeine in your veins, it is time to power through to one of our favourite parts of a morning… breakfast!

Finding a delicious morning meal in Burleigh is easy work, we have brought together some of the suburbs most scrumptious breakfast eateries to suit every taste… whether it be the classic eggs benny or the hip healthy acai, we have you covered.

The busiest morning hub on Burleigh’s main James Street could be Burleigh Social. This gorgeous spot is decadently decorated with all types of plants, making you feel like you are eating your breakfast in a rainforest jungle.


James Street, Burleigh Heads


Offering a variety of healthy treats, juices, coffee, and breakfasts this bustling spot is consistently busy for a reason.

Burleigh Social has a delicious menu offering something fresh and healthy like the spectacularly decorated acai bowl (designed differently for each customer) to their creamy classic, eggs benedict.

A little further up James Street, only several shops away is another option for your morning experience, a delicious, modest bakery called Burleigh Baker.

Specialising in artisan bread made with ‘know-how and care,’ Burleigh Baker also offers a variety of breakfast items that are made with ‘the same integrity’ as their iconic bread.

A one-stop-shop for hand-made goodies (including their own in-house cured salmon) this iconic Burleigh breakfast spot offers a wide variety of brekky treats.

From activated & fermented muesli with seasonal fruit or classic fluffy free-range scrambled eggs, this excellent menu certainly offers something for everyone.

With bellies full and satisfied, the morning has certainly been conquered, and we suggest a delightful dip in many of the gorgeous beaches, coves and creeks of spectacular Burleigh.

Some of our favourite swim spots include the mouth of Tallebudgera Creek, accessible by the Burleigh Heads National Park walk, which splits off onto little walking tracks that lead directly to the pristine, quiet coves of the creek.


View of Tallebudgera Creek from Burleigh Head National Park


For those looking for a busier area, with more action and waves, we recommend the North Burleigh beach, a busy stretch of surf that has a flagged area, and plenty of swimming room.

Alongside Burleigh’s passion for food and coffee, the art scene here is also in full swing at every time of the day.

One unmissable stop on your morning adventure is a visit to the boutique of local photography legend, Sean Scott.

This iconic James Street gem is home to the work of one of Australia’s most well-known photographers.

This collection of photographs is ‘the result of a career built on amazing memories,’ with each photograph having a ‘timeless story attached.’

Sean Scott’s work lives in the home of many Australian’s, so grab a little piece of Burleigh to take home with you.

A typical Gold Coast morning seems to be made for markets, something Burleigh does exceptionally well.


The Village Markets at Burleigh Heads


Burleigh compiles all of its creative art, design and fashion every first and third Sunday of the month at The Village Markets, located at its charming primary school.

The Village Markets kick off at 8:30am and are a one-stop creative shop that boasts Burleigh’s culture and talent, with live music, food and plenty of art stalls, this is a must visit during your morning travels.

Summer is here and so the time has come to embrace the morning and see what our gorgeous Gold Coast truly has to offer, see you out there!