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SaaS remote compliance management applications

Nick Nichols | January 12, 2022

Virtual Mgr is a mobile compliance platform developed in Australia and increasingly being adopted to improve safety and operational efficiencies for the medical sector globally.

The remote management software service is now an invaluable tool that addresses risk in scores of hospitals worldwide, while also making headway in servicing the hospitality, aviation, education and food services sectors.

Founded on the Gold Coast in 2013 by Anil Patel and Neil Fillingham, Virtual Mgr has cracked the code of efficiently monitoring and analysing the operations of large and small business at a granular level.

Virtual Mgr is a cloud-based, data-driven platform that transitions conventional systems used to manage dispersed labour into a fully digital system that tracks performance and labour productivity. It also unlocks business efficiencies and locates opportunities to lift profitability.

For many years it has been delivering improved transparency and visibility for oil giants such as BP, Caltex, Exxon Mobil and Viva Energy, with a focus on asset protection across their petroleum operations from terminals to logistics.

Since establishing the benefits of Virtual Mgr for the oil industry, the company has reconfigured its platform to address other areas of risk across a range of industries including the healthcare and hospitality sectors.

Virtual Mgr now counts global food services giant Compass Group, UK-based hotel services group Hotelcare and Australian theme park operator Village Roadshow among its clients, delivering efficiencies and quality control solutions to their operations.

Creating clean and safe working environments

In today’s environment, Virtual Mgr has been meeting the challenges of creating clean and safe working environments for major hospitals, especially in the US where its client base has grown significantly since 2016. The US market, where Virtual Mgr services 65 hospitals, now accounts for about 90 per cent of revenue generated by the company through its Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

“We have taken a huge step into the US where we have been able to develop a product to address risk in cleaning at a very high level in order to mitigate the spread of infectious disease,” says Mr Patel.

“The rise of COVID-19 has led to significant growth for our business as we essentially clean acute areas of hospitals such as intensive care units and wards.”

Virtual Mgr can essentially provide data on every item and area to be cleaned within the hospital environment and the individual work undertaken by hospital cleaning staff. Should a potential outbreak occur, algorithms determine where, how and who may have been impacted.

“A single hospital could comprise as many as 50 buildings, and Virtual Mgr provides visibility for administrators across every aspect of operations within these complexes,” says Mr Patel.

“Through our Saas model, we provide documented evidence for our clients client for every task and activity that is completed. Whether it involves a cleaning product, an oil-industry product or a food product, it provides a date and geo-coded time stamp for every activity and at a very high level this can protect a business in any potential claim against it.

“If a patient contracts golden staph during a surgical procedure, for example, a hospital could use the information gathered through our platform to mitigate the legal impact depending on the evidence found in the analysis.”

Food safety and food compliance are emerging areas of growth for Virtual Mgr. In addition to clients such as Australian theme park operator Village Roadshow, the company’s services are used by award-winning airline Emirates, and a growing list of universities, such as University of Queensland in Brisbane.

Specialised service offering

Virtual Mgr offers specialised services in three key areas of need.

HealthClean supports the healthcare and environmental services sectors through its powerful regulatory technology software and task validation tool. The technology assists in cutting costs and boosting employee productivity gains with its advanced location tracking helping to identify high priority or unfinished tasks at a glance and then to delegate the nearest staff members to complete them.

FoodSafe is designed to simplify food auditing for the hospitality and tourism industry through a real-time data logger that allows supervisors and executive chefs to assign tasks to food outlets or to specific staff in order to streamline kitchen management.

“In food safety, we can determine, for example, that food was kept at the correct temperature at all times,” says Mr Patel. “Alongside our product we build a lot of integration with IoT (Internet of Things) devices like Bluetooth temperature probes. Every item of food is also date stamped and timed for visibility across the food chain.”

SmartClean is used in commercial cleaning environments, allowing managers to monitor onsite activities across multiple sites in real time.

“In all these applications, Virtual Mgr is designed for ease of use, so that employees continue doing the job they are supposed do with minimal disruption,” says Mr Patel.

“The average user of our product is a truck driver, a cleaner or a 17-year-old fast-food employee. Basically, if you can use an app on a phone, you can use our product.”

Mr Patel and Mr Fillingham, who developed the Virtual Mgr system and now is chief operating officer of the company, have extensive experience in the software sector. They have worked for some of the world’s largest software companies, and in developing Virtual Mgr they were conscious of the need to make it user friendly.

“It’s one of the features that sets us apart from our competitors,” says Mr Patel.

“Live data gives managers and executives unprecedented access to cost savings, compliance, quality improvements, and employee satisfaction, all with a few clicks from their mobile devices and tablets.

“We also built our product mobile first, specifically for tablets and mobile phones. Our system is not beholden to any hardware and that gives us a massive advantage in the market helping us stay ahead of our competitors.”

Virtual Mgr currently has operations in the US, Australia, Russia and the Philippines. Mr Patel sees the United Arab Emirates as an area of significant interest for the company.

“I lived in Dubai for a couple of years before we started this business and I see a lot of opportunities in healthcare, especially,” says Mr Patel.

“The UAE is an ultra-compliant market environment and Virtual Mgr is perfectly positioned to help businesses in the region.

“Our product is completely multi-translational, so whether you have a worker from India or Saudi Arabia, the instructions can be translated with the press of a button. We believe there will be a great deal of interest in what we can achieve for businesses in the region.”

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