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Sherard Kingston: 40 years of business on the Gold Coast

Kobi Facto | October 11, 2021

Having travelled the country and the globe in his twenties, Sherard Kingston chose the Gold Coast as his home and business base some forty years ago.


Kingston has grown from humble beginnings, owning a petrol station in Bundall back in the seventies. To now, owning and operating a range of major Gold Coast businesses including All Interactive Distribution, Tradezone, Greenery Developments and his most recent venture, Pinnacle Films Studios.

“The Gold Coast is the perfect balance between lifestyle and being able to have a proper, substantial business,” says Kingston.

“The single benefit of the Gold Coast, other than lifestyle, is that you get a really pleasant and helpful workforce here.

“Most of the people who work for me have been with me for 10 or 15 years. It’s a nice place to live, to work and it makes for a contented workforce” Kingston explains.

“The other good thing about the Gold Coast is that the back rates for freight are actually really good. People think, ‘oh you’re up in Queensland, you can’t supply into Sydney and Melbourne,’ but our back rates are really good.


Service Station

Sherard and Rob



“This business (All Interactive Distribution), which I’ve been in for 28 years, is based on overnight service to every capital city – so it’s worked really well.

“There has been absolutely no hinderance to our business, living on the Gold Coast,” says Kingston.

An entrepreneur in every sense of the word, Kingston says he’s not fixed on any one business type, as he believes that business principles are nearly always the same.

Kingston said, “My advice would be to get into a business, it doesn’t really matter what business, where you get a level of satisfaction by providing a good level of service. If you can do that, and keep changing and improving, then you’ll enjoy your work”.

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