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Sip & Pearl events a jewel in family’s crown

Pearl necklace

Charntel Cleveland | June 27, 2022

Sip & Pearl craft events are charming partygoers locally and interstate, and could soon be popping up as far away as the UK. 

The brainchild of Gold Coast mother-daughter duo Noeleen and Sharnni Prince, Sip & Pearl parties bring people together to create their own handcrafted treasures in a relaxed atmosphere.

At a Sip & Pearl event, the wine flows as freely as the fun, creativity and conversation.

“We typically decorate the table to suit the event, whether it’s a hen’s night, a birthday, Christmas party or just a fun night with friends,” Sharnni explains.

“When everyone arrives, we set up beading boards in front of them and get them started on the threading.”

Participants typically bring their own wine and nibbles, and have the choice of creating a necklace, ring, earrings, anklet or phone charm.

Noeleen and Sharnni remain on hand to answer any questions and to professionally clasp all pieces when finished.

“The Gold Coast has really taken Sip & Pearl events on board and it’s so exciting to see what people create,” Noeleen says.

“Even people who say they aren’t creative surprise themselves.”

The events add to the Gold Coast’s rich tapestry of cultural escapades.

“They’re great for anyone craving a different experience,” Sharnni says.

Sip & Pearl events can be held as private parties at home or at local partner studios at Currumbin Waters and Labrador.

Noeleen and Sharnni also run public Sip & Pearl workshops at locations across the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne and Byron Bay.

“Our workshops are available to everyone and people even come by themselves,” Noeleen says.

“While they are creating, we see a lot of people making new friends and exchanging phone numbers at the end of the workshop, which is so lovely to see.”

cocktails at sip and pearl

COVID fuels creation

The idea for Sip & Pearl came about during COVID lockdowns.

“Every night, Mum and I would get together and drink some wine while she taught me how to make jewellery,” Sharnni says.

“Eventually I turned to Mum and said this would be an awesome way for other people to learn, similar to sip and paint or sip and clay workshops.”

Noeleen, who has run her own jewellery business for nearly 20 years, loved the idea.

She and Sharnni now juggle three interlinked businesses: NP Rocks—Noeleen’s original jewellery line, Shell & Thread—a sister business that’s purely pearls, and the Sip & Pearl events.

The pair also use Shell & Thread pieces as example creations for their Sip & Pearl parties and workshops.

“Because of Sip & Pearl, demand for Shell & Thread pieces has really picked up,” Noeleen says.

“We have about 40 stockists across Australia for NP Rocks, and Shell & Thread has really jumped along too. Sip & Pearl has really helped that.”

The businesses are also a real family affair, with Noeleen’s husband and son taking care of the related websites.

“I think the fact everyone knows we’re a family-run business is what makes us unique,” Sharnni says.

Pearl necklace and earrings at workshop

Taking the idea abroad

Hitting the UK is the next step for Noeleen and Sharnni.

“We’re looking to franchise in Australia, but to also have Sip & Pearl consultants overseas,” Noeleen says.

“A lot of British visitors have told us, ‘You have to bring this to the UK!’. So that’s exactly what we’re going to do.”

Sharnni will make the trip to London in August to meet with a range of interested parties.

“We’re so glad we gave Sip & Pearl a go,” Noeleen says.

“We’ve never looked back!”

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