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Gold Coast facial recognition program aids sporting teams return to play

Dominica Czaczka | July 29, 2020

While the sound of cheering and whistle blows has returned to community sport after being sidelined by Covid-19, the return to play for Queensland clubs will look a little different moving forward.

As strict rules remain in place to keep participants safe, Gold Coast company Facial Systems has stepped in with their SportsBio Facial Recognition Attendance Program to ease the burden of tracking attendance records in a post-pandemic environment.

Set to revolutionise the way community sporting clubs log player attendance at all local and away games, Facial Systems pivoted their initial touch technology model to a Covid-19 compatible blink technology recognition system.

Facial Systems CEO Wayne Turner says SportsBio’s zero contact adaptation allowed for sports across Australia return to the field with greater confidence.

“With a zero contact system, the chance of disease infection via touch is eradicated. If a player or official is diagnosed we can immediately email all attendees on that day or night.

“The Covid-19 app is also fantastic, but unfortunately with sports, you cannot take your phone on the field so most will leave their phone in the car,” he explained.

The automated nature of SportsBio removes the need for manual data entry, eliminating the risk of human error on game days. With a 99% accuracy rate, the technology measures facial recognition within three seconds, noting the exact time and date a person has attended a sporting match.

Turner said the program’s capabilities can be configured to suit a multitude of purposes, allowing for it to be integrated across the broader community.

“Our system was built for team sports but can also be applied to spectators, airlines, large venues, seminars, restaurants, school excursions, childcare pickup and more to help return to normal business.

“We can slowly get people back to doing what they love.”