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Young boys playing soccer

Alex Mitcheson | March 17, 2022

We’re all familiar with the fact the Gold Coast is a sporting mecca. Whether it be our long-hailed beach and water-based pastimes, budding athletic programs — not forgetting the Commonwealth Games — or just the abundance of highly competitive and dedicated sports teams that call our corner of Queensland home. When it comes to getting active, there are plenty of choices.

But it’s not only the adults who reap the rewards. If you’ve got yourself a youngster (or a few) who are looking to expel some energy, make new friends, and perhaps even take up a life-long passion, then there is certainly plenty of options!

Try one — or even try them all. With such a diverse variety of activities for youngsters out there, you’re almost guaranteed to find something they’ll gel with. And being outside is a breeze when you consider our desirable and agreeable year-round climate — so there really are no excuses!

Little Big Sport

Soccer has experienced growing popularity here in Australia, and it’s little wonder why. The fast-paced and accessible game is loved the world over, and now your kids can be part of the action and be easily introduced to the sport if they’ve never played before. This program is available at a range of kindergartens, childcare centres, and sporting ovals with nine locations across the coast. Backed by passionate staff and with an all-inclusive structure, your kids won’t find a better way to enjoy the beautiful game!

Running: year-round
Ages: 2.5 – 12 years old

My First Gym

With over 60 appealing classes, including Parkour, Gymnastics, and Ninja Warrior, plus brilliant core values behind their entire operations, these Ashmore and Robina based studios are a hive of physical movement and smiling faces. They also get that family lives can often be busy and hectic at times, so the drop and run style facilities and sibling-centric timetables make combining My First Gym into schedules an utter breeze!

Running: year-round
Ages: 7 months — 5 years old

Little Kickers

Teaching with a play not push attitude and approaching the game of soccer as an educational tool is at the heart of what Little Kickers is all about. They also belong to a network existing across 34 different countries — to say these guys know how to teach soccer might just be an understatement. Kids can achieve badges as they go along and also apply their newfound skills to their regular school classroom environment. And who knows, you might just develop yourself the next little David Beckham!

Running: year-round
Ages: 18 months — 7 years old

Little Kickers is suitable for 18 months – 7 years old

Little Kickers runs year-round

Palm Beach Netball Club

This fiercely proud and independent club takes the humble game of netball seriously and invites all new members to join in their enthusiasm. As they are part of the nationwide Woolworths Net Set Go netball experience, younger, new players are made most welcome to join the program. This aims to give kids aged 5 – 10 years old a fun and comprehensive introduction to the game and a passion they can take right into adulthood.

Running: various programs throughout the year
Ages: 5 — 10 years old and beyond

Girls playing netball

Skybound Gymnastics

Children at the best of times find themselves exerting energy in some unorthodox ways, so the perfect activity for those who like to make highly energetic moves could be gymnastics! This space specialises in teaching kids the safe and fun ways they can tumble and trampoline without using the family couch! State of the art equipment and uber-friendly staff will ensure your little one/s have the best time. And for those kids who want to excel, there are development squads with extra emphasis on specific training for competitions.

Running: year-round
Ages: 2 — 16 years old

Skybound Gymnastics offers programs for under 5’s, recreational, development squads and competitive elite.

Ashmore Little Athletics

If you’re interested in finding a club or organisation where you as a parent can participate, this could be the right choice for you. A standard set of athletic disciplines, including hurdles, shot put, and high jump, are coached every Wednesday evening at their Ashmore location, with parents required to assist with these sessions. Saturday is regular competition day during the season, and little athletes are encouraged to showcase their skill, fitness, and confidence levels in each individual event.

Running: September — March
Ages: 5 — 15 years old

Burleigh Bears Junior Rugby League Football Club

One of the most decorated and historic rugby league teams, not only on the Gold Coast but across Queensland. And it isn’t just for the adults. An extensive framework of teams means the club has a roster of around 700 youth taking part regularly in Rugby League training sessions and fixtures. Should your child display outstanding skill towards the game, they will be in the right place; this is the only club on the Gold Coast to have direct career pathways into the Intrust Super Cup and NRL.

Running: March — September
Ages: 5 — 17 years old

Southport Sharks Junior AFL

Should you be looking for a game that teaches kids great values and how to take a knock or two, it has to be Australian rules football. South Sharks is a team and club with a long history, and when they welcome youth into the organisation, you can be assured they will have their best interests at heart. There is a raft of teams across various age groups and even an academy for those who show elevated skill for the game. The season runs throughout winter and is a great way to keep them active in the cooler months.

Running: January — September
Ages: 5 — 17 years old

Burleigh Bears Junior Rugby League Football runs March – September

Southport Sharks Junior AFL season runs throughout winter

Coomera Cubs Baseball Club

Not just a pastime popular in North America, baseball has been growing in popularity here in Australia over the years, and it’s not hard to see why. Kids are encouraged to not only approach the game with gusto but also be involved in the highly social and family-orientated scene that surrounds it. The team and grounds are entirely not-for-profit and run entirely by volunteers, creating a feel-good atmosphere from the ground up! And if you’re the type of parent that wouldn’t mind dedicating some time to the team and maintaining brilliant sportsmanship, you can jump in as a volunteer yourself.

Running: October — March
Ages: 7 — 17 years old

Gold Coast All Stars

Cheerleading isn’t just something you see in the movies. Gold Coast All Stars take those looking to enter the world of cheerleading and tumbling and push you to your limits. There is also the opportunity to train towards regional and state competitions, and it isn’t just the girls who get to have all the fun; boys are also made welcome into their own tumbling classes.

Running: year-round
Ages: 3 — 17 years old



A cheer squad

Active and Healthy Program

The Gold Coast City Council always has the health and well-being of its residents at the heart of what it does. Living in a region blessed with incredible year-round weather, it would be silly not to, right?! A vast program of workshops, events, and programs runs the entire year and encompasses a wide variety of physical activities like skateboarding, parkour, yoga, and kayaking. There is something for every taste and ability, and furthermore, parents are also free to join in the action across some of the events. Check out the Active and Healthy Program here and start planning how you’ll raise your heart rate in a multitude of fun-filled ways.

Running: year-round
Ages: 2 years old +

Cricket Gold Coast

It’s hard to believe there are 20 different cricket clubs across our entire city, but with this said, there are ample prospects for little ones who fancy giving the sport a go. The slow pace and camaraderie of this leisurely pursuit are often what attracts people, and once they have a taste and master the basics, it’s a game that can get under your skin. Different clubs offer differing teams and programs depending on age, so be sure to check in with the club of your choice for further details — before you know it, your little tacker could be hitting sixes.

Running: September — April
Ages: 4 — 17 years old


You’ll struggle to find a more quintessential Aussie rite-of-passage than attending nippers! The life skills and confidence kids can develop out in the surf are immeasurable. The well-being they gain from being involved from a young age is a sure-fire way to promote a healthy and active lifestyle right through into becoming an adult. There’s a variance of disciplines the little ones can find their strengths in before having the chance to go on and compete at all different levels. With so many clubs to choose from across the Gold Coast, you’re set to find a great club where your kid/s can gel with others and have great fun.

Running: September — March
Ages: 5 years old +

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