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Take the sustainable transport challenge

Charntel Cleveland | June 4, 2021

The Gold Coast is blessed with a plethora of sustainable transport choices.

Our vibrant, modern city offers clean and reliable public transportation via trams, trains, ferries and buses that hit all our hot spots.

Our enviable weather plus dedicated bikeways and pathways also make active travel such as walking and cycling easy and enjoyable, while our postcard-perfect scenery provides an Insta-worthy backdrop.

And with World Environment Day taking place on Saturday 5 June, it’s an ideal time to look at how we might make the most of these options and improve the way we move about this gorgeous part of the world, boosting our health and wellbeing in the process.

Take the challenge

Throughout the month of June, Gold Coasters are being challenged to swap driving for more sustainable modes of transport.

Can you do your bit and make the switch whenever possible? Every trip makes a difference to the environmental health of our planet.

Here are some ideas for working sustainable travel into your schedule.

Travelling to and from school

Check out the City of Gold Coast’s Active School Travel program, which encourages students, parents and teachers to leave the car at home and either walk, cycle or catch public transport.

If ditching the car isn’t an option, you could consider carpooling or combining trips.

To avoid getting stuck in traffic, re-time school pick-ups and drop-offs to bypass peak times, or re-route your trip to steer clear of congested roads.

Travelling to and from work

Did you know that 25 per cent of Gold Coasters live within 5km of their workplace?

If you’re one of the lucky few who live close to work, why not try cycling, scooting or walking to work?

If your workplace is too far, you could try combining public transport with walking or cycling to get there. In doing so, you’ll avoid the stress of traffic, paying for petrol and parking, and reduce your carbon emissions.

Alternatively, you could carpool to work or even work from home a few days a week, if your workplace allows it!

Check out the City of Gold Coast’s Workplace Travel Program for more tips and ideas.

A night out

If you’re heading into the nightlife at Surfers Paradise or Broadbeach, catching the G:Link tram is an ideal way to get there.

If you can’t make the whole trip via tram, consider catching a bus to your nearest tram stop.

Using public transport to get to and from your destination also allows you to enjoy a few bevvies without worrying about driving at the end of the night. It’s a win-win for you and the planet.

On the weekend

Make the most of your weekends with some fresh air and exercise, and walk or cycle wherever you need to go.

Plan your journey with the City of Gold Coast’s walking and cycling maps or combine public transport with your walk or ride.

For something a little different the whole family will enjoy, hop on board the HOPO ferry for a salty and scenic trip across the Gold Coast Broadwater and canals.

Sustainable options aplenty

Wherever you’re heading, you might be able to add a more sustainable travel option to part or all of your journey.

Check out the City of Gold Coast’s sustainable travel maps and guides for your local area and consider the following options:

Walk or cycle: The Gold Coast has around 2400km of bikeways and pathways that link neighbourhoods, schools and parks, and connect with major transit routes.

With nearly 300 sunny days a year, a relatively flat landscape and scenic outlook, walking or cycling is an enjoyable and healthy travel option that benefits you and the planet.

Take the tram: The G:link light rail system operates from 5am to midnight on weekdays and throughout weekends. The route links Helensvale, Gold Coast University Hospital, Southport, Main Beach, Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach with a 7.5-minute service between 7am and 7pm weekdays.

Catch a bus: Did you know there are more than 60 bus routes in the city? These include turn-up and go services that operate every 15 minutes or better, seven days a week. Bus travel isn’t just for school kids either; seniors travel free on Surfside buses every day of the week.



Hit the waterways: The hop-on, hop-off ferry service HOPO has stops at Sea World at Main Beach, Broadwater Parklands at Southport, Marina Mirage at Main Beach, Home of the Arts (HOTA) at Surfers Paradise and Appel Park at Surfers Paradise. The ferry operates between 9am and 6pm and docks at each stop once an hour, or more often during busier periods. Surfboards, bikes and wheelchairs are welcome on board and there’s no need to book ahead; simply turn up at a stop with your ticket or purchase one when you hop on the ferry.

Take the train: Queensland Rail trains connect major centres on the Gold Coast including Helensvale, Nerang, Robina/Varsity Lakes as well as Ormeau and Coomera. Trains run at regular intervals to and from Brisbane with bus connections to Surfers Paradise, Southport and Broadbeach.

The G:link operates 5am to midnight on weekdays and throughout weekends.


You won’t need to worry about being over the limit when taking public transport.


Get some fresh air and sunshine and enjoy the ride.

Benefits all round

By committing to the sustainable transport challenge, you will:

  • help preserve our natural environment
  • reduce traffic congestion and car emissions
  • help create safer school drop-off and pick-up zones
  • contribute to a more social and connected community
  • avoid the stress of heavy traffic, road delays and parking
  • decrease your carbon footprint
  • save money on fuel, tolls, parking and car maintenance costs
  • set an inspirational example for your friends and family.

If you catch public transport, you can use your travel time to:

  • catch up on emails, messages and social media
  • read a book, magazine or newspaper
  • study (if you’re a student) or delve deeper into a subject that interests you
  • journal your thoughts, ideas, hopes and goals
  • enjoy the Gold Coast’s gorgeous scenery
  • meditate, relax and focus on your breathing
  • listen to music or podcasts
  • learn a new language
  • catch up on your favourite guilty-pleasure shows
  • shop online or pay your bills.

If you incorporate active travel such as walking or cycling, you can also:

  • improve your physical and mental health
  • increase your mobility
  • explore aspects of the Gold Coast unattainable via vehicles
  • appreciate our stunning surroundings from a new perspective
  • save time by combining travel and exercise.

Be prepared

Sustainable travel is much more enjoyable when you’re all set. Consider these tips to get started:

If you’re walking or cycling, ensure you bring plenty of water and wear sun protection.

Explore end-of-trip facilities at your final destination, such as bike racks, bathrooms, showers and lockers.

Purchase a go card and carry it with you for easy (and cheaper) travel aboard Queensland Rail trains, the G:link tram and Surfside Buslines. Just tap your card at a go-card reader when you get on and off the train, tram or bus.

Download the MyTransLink app to help plan your sustainable journey via public transport. Simply enter your starting location and destination, as well as the time you wish to leave or get there, and the app will calculate the best public transport options for you, as well as fare estimates.

Check out the City of Gold Coast’s active travel resources for more tips and tools.

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