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Taxi service for pets launches on the Gold Coast

Charntel Cleveland | April 27, 2021

A new taxi service with a doggone difference is now available on the Gold Coast.


Created with four-legged passengers in mind, PetCloud’s Pet Taxi allows pet owners to arrange an unaccompanied ride for their furry friends via an app and track their journey in real time.

CEO of PetCloud Deb Morrison says the Australian startup has offered pet transportation for a few years via its pet-sitting and pet-care platform, but increased interest showed the nation was ready for its first dedicated pet taxi service.

And being a community of dog lovers, the Gold Coast is set to benefit from such an offering.

“The Gold Coast is one of the most dog-loving, fun places there is,” says Deb.

“Two thirds of Gold Coast residents own a pet of some kind, and whether it’s residents or holidaying pet owners, people love spending time with their pets on the Gold Coast.”

Deb says the service will benefit pets and owners alike.

“The app is for pet owners who are time-poor, pet owners without transport, or pet owners who can’t drive due to disabilities to get their pets to vet clinics, grooming salons or even weddings,” she says.

“Our pets are a part of our family and we want them to be with us for as long as possible. By being proactive with pet health appointments and grooming, Gold Coast pet owners will experience greater cost savings in the long run because health issues will be detected earlier and fewer pets will be sick with diseases that may have been preventable.”

Deb says PetCloud’s mission has always been to remove barriers to pet ownership and make responsible pet care easy.

“We are proud to say we have found a new way to do this through our Pet Taxi app,” she says.



Like other ride-share services, users can download the app and book a pet taxi on demand or schedule a pick-up up to 72 hours in advance.

Pet owners can track their pet’s ride in real time through the app’s GPS system and get fare estimates before they book.

Pet businesses such as vet clinics and grooming salons can also book pet taxis on behalf of their clients.

Deb says customer and pet satisfaction is paramount.

“All our drivers are police checked, insured and trained for every pet owner’s peace of mind,” she says.

“Our national customer support is via live chat on our website or via phone through a partnership we have with RSPCA Qld.”



Gold Coast local Harry Price and his wife Maureen have just signed up as Pet Taxi drivers after pet-minding via PetCloud for four years.

“We’ve always enjoyed animals and love pet-sitting, and we’re keen to help people by transporting their pets safely,” says Harry.

“Gold Coasters will definitely benefit from this service, especially the elderly or people who don’t have cars of their own.”

Harry says all pets are welcome on board, as long as they are docile and can fit in the car safely.

“Cats can be transported in carrier crates, while dogs are harnessed on the car’s back seat,” he explains.

Harry says most of the pets he and his wife encounter are well-behaved.

“We usually try to make ourselves familiar with the animal and after a while, the pet gets to know you,” Harry says.

“And the more love and attention they get, the more they return.

“Ultimately, the pet is number one—that’s what this business is all about.”