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SWELL Sculpture Festival extends to Mudgeeraba and Helensvale with westerlySWELL and northerlySWELL

Charntel Cleveland | August 24, 2020

Two extensions of Currumbin Beach’s annual SWELL Sculpture Festival — westerlySWELL at Mudgeeraba and northerlySWELL at Helensvale — will this year carry the wave of arts and culture beyond the southern Gold Coast.

The westerly and northerly SWELL exhibitions kick off a little earlier than the main 10-day SWELL Sculpture Festival, which this year runs from September 11–20.

The Dust Temple at Currumbin will also host an exhibition of smaller works, plus a plethora of creative live events, as an extension of the SWELL festival.

westerlySWELL at Mudgeeraba

Mudgeeraba locals can experience a taste of the SWELL festival in the centre of town, as the westerlySWELL exhibition graces the Mudgeeraba Village Green on Railway Parade from September 1 to 20.

In the SWELL spirit of connecting people, art and place, the westerlySWELL exhibition will feature multiple sculptures by local and national artists.

Gates open from 9am to 5pm each day over the three weeks of the event.

Entry to westerlySWELL is free and Mudgeeraba locals are encouraged to explore this inaugural extension of the SWELL Sculpture Festival.

For more information, see westerlySWELL.

Occurence by Stephen Newton, Westerly SWELL. Image aupplied by artist

Lazy Days by Karl Meyer, Westerly SWELL. Image aupplied by artist

The Wallaby by Ivan Lovatt, Westerly SWELL. Image aupplied by artist

northerlySWELL at Helensvale

The free northerlySWELL popup at Helensvale Library and Cultural Centre also takes place from September 1 to 20.

The popup will showcase Indigenous living legend and 2020 SWELL ambassador Luther Cora’s new sculpture, which depicts the mullet season and a time of abundance.

Luther says the mullet are very important to his family, and those hunting mullet on the Gold Coast come together to share stories, dances and songs.

“The mullet are painted in a range of colours to represent different people and our skin colour, all living together in this world, this ocean, this sea, and we’re all travelling the same way and respecting each other, acknowledging that we’re all in this together,” Luther explains.

For more details, see northerlySWELL.

SWELL Smalls Gallery at Dust Temple, Currumbin

Rounding out the extensions to the main SWELL festival, Dust Temple at Currumbin will host the SWELL Smalls Gallery from September 5 to 20.

Delivered in a space dedicated to small-scale sculptures, the SWELL Smalls Gallery will feature more than 30 works throughout the festival.

Complementing the creations is an exciting program of live events, which include visual arts and literacy masterclasses, live music, spoken word experiences and culinary adventures.

For more information, including the program of events, see SWELL Smalls Gallery.


SWELL Sculpture Festival 2019


SWELL Sculpture Festival at Currumbin Beach

Queensland’s largest outdoor art show, the 10-day SWELL Sculpture Festival at Currumbin this year runs from September 11 to 20.

Now in its 18th year, the free all-ages event will feature more than 50 thought-provoking sculptures by local, national and international artists on Currumbin Beach.

For more information, including the full lineup of festival events, see the SWELL website.