Collaborative spaces

The Gold Coast is embracing the trend for collaborative workspaces – flexible areas for start-ups, creatives and even multi-nationals looking for specialised hi-tech coworking spaces.


Imagine as an advertising creative arriving at your Burleigh Heads flexi-desk carrying a laptop and surfboard. You can head for a surf at midday with racks provided for your board and set up a boardroom meeting for a brainstorming session in the afternoon.

This is where many Gold Coast’s start-ups begin, embedded in one of our many specialist, well-serviced workspaces that can be accessed on an as-needs basis. They are entrepreneurial and creative hubs that encourage entrepreneurs to ‘have-a-go’.

The collaborative spaces boom is driving our start-up economy with an annual growth rate of 20 per cent the highest outside of any capital city. Coworking spaces can be an entry point for businesses testing the waters, or even multi-nationals looking to establish a foothold on the Gold Coast.

Among our largest collaborative spaces is the 9.5-hectare commercial cluster facility Lumina, located in the Health and Knowledge Precinct. It is being rolled out over 15 years offering commercial spaces from single-desk start-ups through to bespoke buildings.

Our coworking spaces each have their own distinctive culture and facilities where businesses can make a preliminary start before finding their own dedicated offices once their business starts flourishing.

  • Cohort, located in the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct, is home to innovators, researchers, and entrepreneurs.
  • CoSpaces, in Southport CBD, is located on the historic former ambulance station with coworking desks, meeting rooms and a rooftop bar where collaboration really begins for medium enterprises and service-based businesses.
  • The Communal House, Currumbin Waters, is a hub for creative types needing photography or video editing studios.
  • Hotel Miami offers a corner cyclorama studio.
  • HQGC, Arundel has an indoor basketball court where creatives can bounce ideas around.
  • Karma Collab Hub at Miami welcomes well-behaved pets.