Future Gold Coast

As the Gold Coast heads towards a population of more than one million people by 2041, we are laying the foundations to deliver vital infrastructure that supports the demands of our future city.

In embracing the needs of our residents and the many millions of visitors who travel to the Gold Coast each year, the city is evolving into a thriving metropolis with a progressive approach that is founded on the principles of prosperity for all.

We are expanding our industrial and manufacturing base, growing our marine industry, and our education and health sectors while driving forward with sustainable tourism initiatives. We are creating better and more efficient housing to accommodate those planning to move to Australia’s most dynamic city.

Our road and transport networks are expanding to keep us better connected, with our hugely successful light rail network poised to deliver a high-frequency public transit system from our rapidly growing northern suburbs to Coolangatta in the south.


Gold Coast sunset Cityscape


The city has invested in its own fibre-optic network offering the fastest internet speeds in Australia and enhancing the rollout of the 5G network to keep businesses and residents at the cutting edge of the digital age.

The future of the Gold Coast is a city on the move, driven by investment in new businesses, technology and infrastructure, a compelling combination that attracts thousands of new residents and visitors every year, driving business growth even further. It is a future that finely balances growth with the coastal lifestyle that has kept us thriving as a community for more than a century.

Our city of the future will remain one of the most desirable destinations in Australia to live, work and play.

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