Gold Coast economic profile

As one of Australia’s fastest-growing regions, with the current population of more than 635,000 targeted to reach one million by 2043, the foundation of our future economic prosperity is already being laid.


The Gold Coast currently supports more than 361,000 jobs, with that figure rising each year driven by the popularity of our lifestyle and economic opportunities. We’re seeing interstate and intrastate arrivals adding to our economic diversity by bringing more business opportunities and creating more jobs for our region.

The Healthcare and Social Assistance sector is the biggest and fastest-growing contributor to the local economy worth $3.5 billion, as measured by its contribution by productivity.

Health has become an important pillar of our economic growth profile, closely followed by construction ($3.2 billion), then tourism ($3 billion), manufacturing ($2.6 billion) and financial and insurance services ($2.4 billion).

Combined, these five sectors account for almost half of the value added by all industries to the Gold Coast economy.

As the largest industry sector by value, healthcare is also the largest employer, supporting almost 44,000 jobs.

Two people using optometry equipment in an appointment

Tourism, which includes the accommodation and food services sector, employs more than 37,500 people directly. Tourism is traditionally a major employer of young people, with 20 per cent of jobs in that sector providing valuable experience to those aged between 15 and 24 years.

Our retail jobs supported total employment of 33,700, followed by construction 33,500, education 25,400 and manufacturing 22,900.

While tourism remains an enduring pillar of the Gold Coast economy, the diversification of our industrial profile has positioned our city as an emerging regional powerhouse of business and employment growth.

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