Growing economy

The Gold Coast accounts for more than 10 per cent of Queensland’s gross state product with the value of the economy more than doubling over the past 20 years. With that expansion has come a proportional shift in the traditional sources of wealth creation that once drove our city’s growth.

Now with more than 70,000 registered businesses across the city, the Gold Coast is developing significant scale that defines our credentials as a world-class investment destination. The traditional foundations of the economy, tourism and construction, have been supplemented by a maturing health and education sector. We’ve seen even greater diversity in recent years through a rise in ICT, advanced manufacturing and professional services.

The health and social assistance sector now employs more people on the Gold Coast than any other, proportionally greater than the national average. As a tourism-based city, we also have proportionally more people in the accommodation and food services sector, as well as in retail and construction.

The same can now be said for manufacturing, with our city expanding its industrial base to accommodate traditional manufacturing and those that will deliver a cleaner and more sustainable future.

We are a city on the move with a diverse economy that supports the businesses of today and a culture of innovation that lays the foundations for enterprises that meet the needs of the future.

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