Culture and environment

Our coastal city has a unique approach to business. It’s laid back with a serious edge.

The Gold Coast has an open and welcoming business culture with a strong sense of community. We know this is the best place to do business as much as it is the best place to live.

This perfect balance is at the heart of our success. From taking a lunch meeting at the local surf club overlooking our wide expanse of golden sands and world-famous surf breaks, to joining business partners from interstate or overseas for a conference set against the Surfers Paradise skyline, these are constant reminders of why the world enjoys doing business on the Gold Coast.

We have a young workforce with most resident workers under the age of 45 and the third-highest participation rate in the country. The younger employment base highlights the mobility of our workforce and a higher level of skills in using new technology.


Science and technology class


Our annual employment growth rate of 3.9 per cent also is among the highest of any Australian city, outpacing our annual population growth of 2.3 per cent. Most of the new jobs are coming from healthcare, construction, manufacturing, tourism and the food and beverage sector.

Our start-up economy is thriving, with the Gold Coast among Australia’s most active cities for starting a new business. We are innovators, inspired by a legacy of entrepreneurial vision.

The Gold Coast’s innovative business culture positions us among the top six cities in Australia for lodging patent applications on a per capita basis.

These statistics define the dynamic nature of our economy, the agility of our business environment and a culture that strives for success.