Innovative companies on the GC

The digital revolution has inspired a new wave of start-ups making inroads in e-commerce, software development and services delivery.


The Gold Coast is home to many success stories of businesses that have developed a national and global profile. Many have taken advantage of the many support networks and financial assistance available to emerging businesses in our city. All of them have one thing in common, a vision to become a new force in their respective industries.



Opmantek is one of the world’s leading suppliers of automated network management software that assists IT teams automate processes, detects faults, reviews network performance and predicts where future failures are likely to occur. Opmantek software manages complex IT environments for some of the world’s largest telecommunications carriers and managed service providers.



Sportcor combines the latest in advanced electronics and data analytics with traditional sports equipment. In collaboration with Kookaburra Sports, the world’s leading cricket ball manufacturer, SportCor have developed a smart cricket ball and associated software capable of capturing a range performance data which can be used and viewed by players, coaches and fans.



After moving from Melbourne to the Gold Coast in 2005, Autoguru founder Eden Shirley set about looking for a simpler way to compare car service options. Four years later he founded an online marketplace for motor vehicle repairs, a business that is now known as Autoguru, a comparison website for thousands of mechanical workshops across Australia.



Gilmour Space is changing the face of the Gold Coast’s corporate profile with a venture that is developing our capabilities for launching small satellites into space. The company was founded in 2013 by brothers Adam and James Gilmour to pioneer an innovative hybrid propulsion technology for space rockets. Gilmour Space has forged collaborations with US space agency NASA and international space technology companies.



Nimble has become a leading provider of unsecured credit in Australia through an innovative lending platform including a mobile app that allows borrowers to access loans quickly. The fintech, just a start-up in 2005, is exploring new avenues for growth including offering mainstream digital banking services.



Desygner was created to help marketers who didn’t have the time or the resources to develop branded materials. Desygner offers a variety of content that can be personalised quickly and easily and allows for user-generated content to be created by anyone. The Desygner solution is an innovative way of making graphic design and content creation accessible to everyone. The start-up has a multicultural team with a headquarters on the Gold Coast.