Our entrepreneurial vision

Visionary thinking inspired the Gold Coast’s rise from a sparse collection of idyllic coastal villages to Australia’s sixth-largest city. It still drives the city today.

The vision began with the lure of our natural setting – a 52km stretch of golden sands as far as the eye could see and a sun-filled, sub-tropical climate to enjoy this natural wonder all year round.

Our past was filled with a raw natural wealth, the priceless landscape of surf, sand and verdant mountain ranges. Over decades we added to that wealth with an entrepreneurial drive to create a new and exciting destination for the world to enjoy.

The pioneers of our tourism and property industries, those who helped develop our living and working infrastructure, to build a city with more canals than Venice, they set the foundations for a future brimming with possibilities. A growing population brought scale to our retail, entertainment and cultural fabric. We were now sustaining industries of scale, adding greater economic depth to our idyllic setting and leading many to see the Gold Coast as more than a holiday haven. We became a city with a vision for growth and prosperity.

Amid the decades of change we have always had one constant, an entrepreneurial drive that is at the core of the Gold Coast’s business culture. We are a city that is driving innovation in the fields of technology, health, education, aerospace industries and digital services. Our prosperity is being propelled by start-ups and industry giants, those that were founded here or those that came with their own hopes for a new beginning. These are the new visionaries who understand the rich legacy of our past and whose businesses benefit from it every day.