Government in QLD

Queensland’s ‘smart state’ credentials are being driven by ever-evolving initiatives that prepare our economy to meet the challenges of the future.

Through the Advance Queensland strategy, the State Government recognises the need for business innovation to remain relevant in a competitive market and the important role that plays in our economic growth.

The strategy is positioning Queensland as a place where collaboration between entrepreneurs, universities, businesses and government can bring great ideas to the market.

Small businesses are encouraged to grow through opportunities that can improve their products and services, positioning them to be competitive in in the global market.

Advance Queensland is also reinvigorating science, research and innovation to help create the knowledge-based jobs of the future.

All this is being supported through special funding, programs and grants that leverage off our natural advantages as an attractive investment destination.

In line with our City’s own local procurement program, the State is also proving to be big business for small business suppliers through its Buy Queensland initiative. This program recognises the economic benefit of dealing at a local level for goods and services.

With 84 per cent of Queensland Government tenders awarded to Queensland-registered businesses in recent years, this equates to $17 billion invested in more than 32,500 businesses across the state. Along with the social value of buying local, the ongoing benefits include enhancing quality and safe workplaces where best practice principles are adopted on major government projects.

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