Grow a business

While you have the management skills, the technical expertise, the finances and long-term vision to succeed, we’re here to help as well.

Your local advantage is enhanced via a range of city business growth programs that respond to the ever-changing business environment.

Business expansion is fraught with risk, so it pays to connect with expert advice on how to source growth opportunities and how to manage the risks you may already be facing.



Growth Accelerator Program

The City of Gold Coast’s Growth Accelerator Program can help you identify the critical steps needed to achieve your next phase of growth with a plan to get there quickly and sustainably. The program delivers interactive workshops where learnings can be applied directly to put your business on the right path.

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The Gold Coast Business Portal

Gold Coast companies positioning for growth are tapping into an innovative new tool supported by talent-sharing platform BenchOn to boost business revenue and job growth opportunities across the city.

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The strength of our economy is founded on a resilient local business community. Among the initiatives that support local businesses and industries is the Buy Local campaign, a proactive program that provides direct benefit to our community and creates jobs. Small and large suppliers are encouraged to participate in the buy-local policy by the City of Gold Coast which encourages local procurement whenever possible.

The City of Gold Coast conducts all procurement and contracting activities in accordance with the Strategic Contracting Procedures

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