Future development and growth

Our city is forever evolving, always on the move. We see this in the built form that shapes our skyline, a physical transformation that is underpinned by growth in our population and economy.

Behind this impressive façade is a business community that is globally connected and thriving through innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Gold Coast is laying the groundwork for continued growth and diversity by expanding transport and communication infrastructure, supporting commercial enterprise and encouraging new businesses to make the move here to share in our prosperity.

Our growth over more than 60 years since becoming a city is only the beginning. We’re in the early stages of a transformational public transport network that will co-ordinate an expanded light rail network with our expanding bus services, our inter-city train network and passenger ferries. We are moving towards becoming a walking city where fewer residents will need a car as we improve our existing pedestrian pathways and connect them to new green bridges and bikeways.

The Gold Coast is laying the plans now for a bigger future as our city heads for a population of one million by 2041.

We are making better use of our living and working spaces, offering more residential variety and efficient work environments.

We are meeting the challenges of attracting world-class skills and expertise in science and research, education, digital commerce, and communications technology. We are encouraging a thriving community in the performing and visual arts space.

Our tourism sector is being revitalised through investments from near and far, with the world looking for new ways to play their part in our exciting growth story.

As we grow and our needs evolve, the certainty that is the Gold Coast’s natural attractions will always remain the same. Our plan now is to position the Gold Coast for its most prosperous century yet.

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