Professional services

Our city has more than 20,000 businesses registered in the fields of professional, technical and scientific services, financial and insurance services, and administrative and support services.

Together, these industry sectors employ almost 44,000 people and they represent almost a third of all businesses registered on the Gold Coast.

Professional services are the lifeblood of our agile city economy, an important contributor both in terms of employment and productivity. Behind every successful start-up, SME, industry, development, or big idea is a network of professionals, many of whom will remain on the journey to join these businesses on the path to prosperity.

They are the lawyers and financiers; the planners, architects, accountants, sales and marketing agents; the recruiters, researchers, consultants, and creatives among a slew of specialist skills, drawing up the contracts, planning campaigns, and negotiating to ensure the best outcome.

Professional services are also meeting the increasing demand in Gold Coast childcare, aged care, retirement planning, fitness outlets, health food, and home improvement services.

We have a wealth of professional skills on the Gold Coast, bringing their talents to start-up entrepreneurs and seasoned corporate executives alike. Many are servicing clients beyond our city, choosing to relocate to the Gold Coast for the work-life balance our lifestyle offers. Our professionals are meeting the needs of business across Australia, while taking advantage of the competitive edge our business community enjoys.

As the Gold Coast grows, so too will the depth of our professional support and the essential expertise our economy needs to continue growing.