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The Gold Coast enjoys Australia’s most inviting business environment with an entrepreneurial culture like no other – where work and lifestyle can truly co-exist.

The Gold Coast is a dynamic city embracing business growth, job creation and diversification.

Entrepreneurial spirit

We are an entrepreneurial hub with more than 70,000 businesses forming a workforce of over 300,000 people. We are Australia’s favourite small business capital, with around one in four professionals operating their own business.

Born from an entrepreneurial spirit that continues to shine today, we engender a progressive business culture that drives the success of enterprise at all levels to succeed and prosper, from start-ups to large corporations.


Global connectivity

As a regional city with proven lifestyle appeal and with an increasingly global perspective, we take a ‘big city’ approach to drive our growth. The Gold Coast is strategically located within easy reach of major industrial and commercial centres and on the doorstep of Australia’s largest export markets in Asia. We are a superbly connected city where these markets and more are within easy reach through the nation’s busiest regional airport.

Our enviable work-life balance has long been a driver for attracting new businesses and successful entrepreneurs to the city, and it is the Gold Coast’s spirited ambition and global connectivity that have seen our economy prosper.


Industry diversity

You will discover a remarkable depth and calibre of businesses now calling the Gold Coast home, all of which builds on our traditional expertise in tourism, construction, education and health. In recent years, we have seen growth in professional, scientific and technical services, in financial and insurance services, in administrative and support services, and in transport and warehousing. These businesses have made the move and made their mark.

This blossoming diversity is creating renewed economic momentum for the city, building on our reputation as one of the most dynamic regional economies in the country.