Active lifestyle

Yoga at sunrise by a beach

The Gold Coast offers an incredible natural terrain and climate to get out and be active.

Gold Coast’s abundance of sunshine and agreeable climate conditions mean that our spectacular natural terrain is able to be explored to its fullest potential.

Exercise devotees can get their fix with ease in our city. From gentle beach strolls and stand up paddle boarding to the more heart-pumping action of kite surfing and mountain biking, there is a level of outdoor activity to suit every enthusiast.

Sports fans are also inundated with opportunities to participate in sports at a community level and to get amongst the crowd in our stadiums to cheer on one of our local leading professional clubs.

With Gold Coast named as one of the eight World Heritage Surfing Reserves, our considerable population of local surfers is assured of world-class breaks when they paddle out to meet the sunrise.

Of course, if you just want to relax on some soft green grass with the sun on your face, we have over two thousand parks to choose from. The City of Gold Coast has a great park finder tool so you can just bring the kids and dogs and let them race around while you kick back.


Active & Healthy

The City of Gold Coast run an Active and Healthy program with a wide range of free and low-cost fun activities. Why not check it out? You’ll be on a path to become happier and healthier, and maybe make some new friends in your community along the way.

For the full Active and Healthy program, visit City of Gold Coast.

City of Gold Coast


To find out where your favourite sport is run, visit PlaySport.