Scenic paddling on surfboard in shallow ocean

Surfers waiting for waves, Pat Fagan Park

300 days of sunshine a year, our warm days and balmy nights are more than alluring.

Gold Coast’s tropical climate makes for easy year-round living. Our average summer high sits at a sublime 28 degrees, usually with generous sea breezes to offset the humidity, and our winters are cool at worst, with clear, sunny days that average a comfortable 21 degrees and lows that rarely drop below 10, just chilly enough to enjoy a blanket on the couch.

These pleasant winters of ours see a boost in tourism from colder climates, and for locals they mean the convenient ability to leave the house without needing to wear a quarter of our wardrobe. Importantly, they also make playtime on our world-class beaches a year-round proposition, with the waves staying warm well into autumn.

one surfer standing by the beach with the Gold Coast skyline in the backgorund

Our temperate seasons and plethora of clear, sunny days make an active, outdoor lifestyle possible at least 300 days of the year. Event organisers take full advantage of our climate to host a range of music and cultural performances, markets and community get-togethers that utilise our stunning surrounds as the perfect backdrop.

Enjoy an evening of music and socialising under the stars on one of our balmy summer nights, or feel the cool night time sand between your toes as you go for a romantic post-dinner stroll.

For up-to-date weather information, visit the Bureau of Meteorology.

Bureau of Meteorology