Family friendly

five family members walking on a pathway by the beach holding skateboards and scooters

Our abundance of sunny days, kid-friendly outdoor spaces, affordable health care, accessibility and safe neighbourhoods make Gold Coast one of the best places in the world to raise a family.

Gold Coast kids, more often than not, learn to hike and surf pretty much as soon as they can walk, not only setting them up for an active lifestyle but also providing families with healthy ways in which to bond. Children who grow up with easy access to sports, the outdoors and clean green spaces, are given more opportunities to become happy, active adults with a healthy work/life balance.

With one of the world’s most biodiverse habitats to call their backyard, children can not only regularly play in our natural beauty but also learn how to protect and preserve it. Take them to a tree planting or beach cleaning day to get them started on their way to becoming environmental warriors.

Thanks to the profusion of free and cheap outdoor activities on offer across our city, it’s easy to entertain the whole family on the Gold Coast without breaking the bank. However, if you’re after more of a man-made thrill, you can level up your play dates with annual passes to our world famous theme parks, a family activity that’s sure to create lifelong memories.

Our city’s jam-packed events calendar also boasts a range of family-friendly and frequently free events, from touring shows and attractions to homegrown music, arts, markets and cultural festivities.

three children fishing on the end of a dock

There are a wide range of housing options on the Gold Coast in terms of style, quality and price depending on location. It’s easy to find a secure spot that suits your family, with quick access to schools, shopping centres, free or affordable healthcare and all the conveniences of modern city living.

Many of our neighbourhoods contain community hubs; great places to partake in a range of activities while also getting to know your neighbours and spend some time with your clan. In addition, the convenience of work, school and home never being too far away means that you can maximise that precious family time.

Our educational offerings are impressive, with quality schools available in both the public and private sector and a range of tertiary options to choose from, including a handful of esteemed universities.