Getting around

two trams the the tram station at night

Travelling around the Gold Coast is a breeze.

Our linear geography and proximity to the Pacific Motorway makes getting around by car an easy option. With key arterial roads and suburban highways connecting our constellation of villages, you’re never too far away from your destination. And with the City constantly investing in roads, connectors and infrastructure to support our growth, the integrity of local travel is assured well into the future.

Our fast-growing public transport network means that you can feel comfortable ditching the car if that’s more your style. The Gold Coast is simple to explore by public transport, with our most popular hotspots easily accessible by public buses and trains, our world-class light rail and even the HOPO ferry service, if you’re in the mood for the scenic route.

And of course, like any major municipality, there is no shortage of taxis and ride sharing services waiting to chauffer you to your destination.

The Go Card is by far the most convenient public transport ticketing option, available for use on Translink buses, trains and the G:link tram. They’re easy to purchase too, with Go Cards available at any 7-Eleven store, Visitor Information Centres, many Queensland Rail and tram stations, some busway stations and selected newsagents.

One of the country’s most connected regional cities, Gold Coast also offers bike share programs that take advantage of our more than 2,400 kilometres of pathways, making it a cinch to cruise to work or school while simultaneously getting in your morning cardio. On the weekends you can go for a leisurely ride through your neighbourhood, or kick-back at any one of our lush, green parks or spectacular foreshores.

Eager travellers are spoilt for choice with Gold Coast Airport to the south offering an impressive range of domestic and international connections, while major international hub Brisbane Airport is just one train ride away. Travel has never been easier.

And if you’re looking to connect with the global community without actually leaving our fair shores, Gold Coast is also perfectly positioned along the east coast of Australia, offering alignment across three time zones.