Working on the Gold Coast

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Enviable lifestyle

The Gold Coast boasts 57 kilometres of coastline and 21,000 hectares of rainforest, offering a lifestyle unparalleled to major cities around the world. With an array of natural experiences in close proximity to the city’s professional hubs, it’s no surprise the Gold Coast’s work-life balance is the envy of many around the globe.


Industry diversity

Over the years, the city has built upon its traditional economic industry pillars of tourism and construction and has diversified and embraced knowledge-based industries including health, ICT, advanced manufacturing, education and professional services.


Chris de Bruin, Westpac Chief Executive Consumer & Business Banking, and Paul Bari, Chief Information Officer for Westpac’s consumer business bank.

Career opportunities

The Gold Coast is Australia’s largest non-capital city and the fastest growing city in Australia. We’re on the cusp of a tech and innovation industry that is booming. Our Health and Knowledge Precinct is at the forefront of cutting-edge research and industry development, and we’re committed to investing in and delivering world-class infrastructure to meet the city’s growing needs. We are an evolving city with career opportunities also available within fields such as the arts, sport and film production.


Entrepreneurial and start-up support

We’re Australia’s Small Business Capital with one in five professionals owning and operating their own business here. Entrepreneurial spirit runs deep on the Gold Coast, thanks to our suite of programs centred on start-up success.


Global connectivity

We’re one of the nation’s most connected regional cities with world-class light rail infrastructure, affordable public transport and two international airports with direct routes to all major Australian national capitals and key locations across Asia, the Middle East and the Pacific.